Game Grumps & Rogue Games set to release 80’s slasher horror game ‘Homebody’

Virginia Glaze
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The Game Grumps, the team behind dating simulator ‘Dream Daddy,’ are partnering up with Rogue Games to unleash a brand-new horror adventure: Homebody.

YouTube duo the ‘Game Grumps’ are set to unleash a new game in their ever-growing arsenal of titles — this one a completely different experience to their well-loved dating sim ‘Dream Daddy.’

The Game Grumps have partnered with games publisher Rogue Games (which boasts former Nintendo of America prez. Reggie Fils-Aime as a board advisor) to create their upcoming title ‘Homebody.’

‘Homebody’ is a psychological thriller and narrative-driven horror game based on slasher flicks from the 1980’s.

Homebody npcs screenshot
Players must uncover clues and unravel mysteries to escape the house – all while avoiding run-ins with a masked killer.

Game Grumps to release new ‘Homebody’ horror game

The title promises a “surprising and responsive enemy AI system that ensures no two encounters are the same” — ensuring that players will definitely be getting chased by a crazed, masked killer, as shown in the game’s chilling trailer.

The game follows the main character, Emily and her friends, who are “haunted by memories of the past in the form of a relentless killer.” Players are tasked with making their way out of a house and avoiding this killer by uncovering clues, solving puzzles, and making dialogue decisions.

The game also boasts some rogue-lite elements: The official press release states that the adventure might be “impossible at first, but with each attempt to put the pieces together, the blood splattered picture becomes more and more clear.”

“We’re obsessed with horror games, so when coming off of Dream Daddy, it was a natural shift to explore the horror genre,” Jory Griffis, Homebody’s game director at Game Grumps, said of the upcoming title.

Homebody killer screenshot
Homebody’s main villain is a masked killer – a physical manifestation of Emily’s past memories.

“We were excited to retain the narrative and storytelling values we learned making Dream Daddy and put them to use in a game with a totally different tone and ambitious new mechanics.”

Homebody is set to release on Steam, the Epic Game Store, and consoles later this year.

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