Pokemon fans are losing it over KFC China’s new dancing Psyduck toy

Michael Gwilliam
KFC dancing psyduck toy

Pokemon fans and fried chicken lovers in China are losing their minds over a new exclusive Psyduck toy offered only at KFC in the Asian country.

It’s not strange to see fast-food restaurants offer unique items in certain regions, but toys are a different story. For Pokemon fans, three new toys featuring Psyduck and Pikachu are going viral – but the water and psychic pocket monster is selling out.

On March 21, KFC China unveiled its dancing Psyduck toy and it’s taking the internet by storm on the Chinese social media site Weibo.

The toy, which comes with a stand, dances with the press of a button by waving its arms in the air while moving left and right.

Can you get the KFC China Psyduck toy?

As reported by Radii China, the Psyduck toy is selling out, with trainers unable to get their finger-licked hands on the creature – and it’s easy to see why.

It, along with the two Pikachu toys, were released to celebrate Children’s Day in the country, with each Children’s Day package coming with a random toy. However, the Big Bucket meal will come with both Pikachu toys and the dancing Psyduck in a bright case.

Despite not being available elsewhere, eBay listings for the hit toy have popped up online… and they’re not cheap. So far, two ads have the dancing Psyduck listed for $99 and $120.

It’s unclear if KFC has any plans to release the toy in North America, but given its popularity in China, it’s possible the colonel will find a way to give fans what they want.

Psyduck kfc china on ebay
Getting the KFC China Psyduck toy is proving to be a challenge.

Until then, if you have any friends or family who live in China, you may want to consider asking them to get a Psyduck for you. That is, if they even can before they’re all sold out.

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