Fastest ways to get Tech Points in Watch Dogs Legion

James Busby
Watch Dogs Legion Tech Points screen

The high-tech world of Watch Dogs Legion features numerous gadgets, upgrades, weapons, and hacks that you can purchase. However, these game-changing features require a lot of Tech Points – and we’re going to run though how and where you can get them. 

Watch Dogs Legion’s permadeath feature certainly makes every firefight and stealthy engagement a high octane affair. Fortunately, the game’s futuristic gadgets make London’s most notorious villains a little more manageable. While we’ve already covered how you can earn money fast in Watch Dogs Legion, you’ll need a different currency altogether if you wish to buy and upgrade the game’s best equipment. 

From remote controlled spider bots that can infiltrate high-security buildings to deadly traps that provide shocking results, there’s a gadget for every occasion. Of course, buying all these gadgets and upgrades can cost a small fortune, especially in the early stages of the game where your Tech Point Funds are limited.

To help you get each gadget and deadly upgrade in Watch Dogs Legion, we’ve put together a handy guide that covers how and where you can get Tech Points. 

Do story missions and side quests

Watch Dogs Legion story missions
Completing story missions and side quests will net you a decent amount of Tech Points.

You’ll acquire a lot of Tech Points by simply playing through Watch Dogs Legion’s main story and side missions. This is a great option for players that don’t have much time and only wish to play through the game’s main content. To speed things up even further, you can see the rewards obtained from each mission by hovering over the name. 

This allows you to prioritize any missions that give you a lot of Tech Points, effectively saving you a lot of time in the process. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be rewarded with ETO that you can use to spend on the game’s cosmetic items. It’s a simple way to earn both points and one that can have huge payouts. 

Liberate boroughs

Watch Dogs Legion Boroughs
Liberating boroughs is one of the best ways to get Tech Points

Freeing each one of London’s boroughs in Watch Dogs Legion will reward you with a nice bundle of Tech Points. To do this, you’ll need to complete missions that are tailored around that specific borough. These range from collecting evidence, sabotaging enemy-controlled headquarters, neutralizing key threats, and disrupting propaganda. 

If you successfully complete all these borough missions, then the area will go from oppressed to defiant. This will instantly reward you with a bounty of Tech Points and even net you some decent Operatives in the process. To make matters even better, boroughs that have turned defiant will also reveal all Tech Points in the area. Simply check your map and get collecting. 

Use your drone

Watch Dogs Legion drone
Sometimes you need a decent vantage point to pinpoint hidden Tech Points.

In addition to hacking completing missions and liberating boroughs, you can also get Tech Points by locating them on the map. While defiant boroughs will reveal these little packages on the map, you can still find them littered around the game’s overworld. They are usually nestled behind walls and hedges, but some can be found on rooftops. 

These lofty areas can be a little tricky to access, so it’s best to call in your drone and take to the skys. Once airborne, make sure you keep your eyes open for the little ETO packages and hop off your drone to collect them.

Each package will reward you with 10 Tech Points, which is enough to purchase that game’s Infiltrator Spiderbot or AR Cloak

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