Every Gadget in Watch Dogs Legion explained

James Busby

Watch Dogs Legion features numerous high tech gadgets the player can use to aid them on their adventure through the city streets of London. Find out all the information you need to know about Watch Dogs Legion’s gadgets and what they do. 

Watch Dogs Legion’s enemies can be a hardy bunch and you’ll need to kit your character out with more than just a few conventional weapons. After all, just one mistake can result in your favorite character winding up dead for good. Watch Dogs Legion’s permadeath feature is certainly an interesting feature and one that makes every single firefight matter. Fortunately, there are a number of handy gadgets that you can use to alleviate this issue. 

From remote controlled spider bots that can provide non-lethal takedowns to AR cloaks that render the user invisible, there’s a gadget for every single situation. There are six gadgets available in Watch Dogs Legion and each of them has its own unique features and upgrade paths.

To help you understand each Watch Dogs Legion gadget, we’ve put together a handy guide that covers everything you need to know about these game-changing items.

Infiltrator Spider

Watch Dogs Legion Infiltrator Spiderbot
This mechanical spider offers plenty of stealthy options.

As the name suggests, the Infiltrator Spider gadget is all about creeping into enemy filled locations. This little eight-legged bot’s low profile enables it to crawl through vents and tight spots with ease, allowing you to gain access to even the most well-protected places. Once you’ve found a hacking point, simply use the Infiltrator Spider to upload a deadly virus to hamper your enemies’ systems. 

If that wasn’t enough, the Infiltrator Spider is also capable of performing non-lethal takedowns. This is particularly useful if you wish to avoid getting into an intense firefight with any of the local gangs. 

AR Cloak

Watch Dogs Legion AR Cloak
Invisibility is always going to make things easier.

Watch Dogs Legion’s AR Cloak is one of the most useful gadgets in the entire game. Once activated, your character will instantly go invisible and break line of sight. While it can be fun to infiltrate an enemy-controlled area with your guns blazing, it’s sometimes better to take a stealthier approach. 

Future upgrades greatly increase the AR Cloak’s duration and even give your takedowns greater reach. If you’re looking to quietly dispatch your foes, then the AR Cloak is one gadget that you’ll want to prioritize. 


Sometimes you just got to pummel your enemies.

Watch Dogs Legion has given this iconic melee-based weapon an electrifying twist. While brass knuckles are lethal in their own right, this shockingly powerful gadget packs more than just a powerful punch. The Electro-Fist is capable of knocking out an opponent in just one hit. Simply creep up to your target and deliver a lethal KO that they’ll never forget.

Upgrading the Electro-Fist will enable you to unleash a shockwave that disorients nearby enemies. 

Electro-Shock Trap

Electro-Shock Trap Watch Dogs Legion
Launch deadly surprise attacks with a shocking twist.

A non-lethal shock trap that can be used to shock enemies and heavily damage drones and vehicles. This gadget is best used when you wish to disrupt your enemies’ movements. While it may not be the fanciest gadget in Watch Dogs Legion, it does allow you to launch some incredibly satisfying traps. Simply find an area that sees a lot of enemy traffic and place your Electro-Shock Trap down, then watch as the volts begin to fly. 

Combat Spiderbot

Combat Spiderbot
This deadly bot will make firefights even more deadly.

Unlike the stealth-based Infiltrator Spider gadget, this robotic arachnid has a more gung-ho approach to combat. The Combat Spiderbot is no stranger to a firefight and it’s at its best when the bullets are flying. This little gadget is kitted out with an automated turret and armor, giving you extra firepower whenever you need it. 

If you wish to increase the turret’s rate of fire or manually control the turret yourself, then you’ll want to spend your Tech Points on Combat Spiderbot upgrades. 

Missile Drone

Watch Dogs Legion Missile Drone
Missile Drones give explosive results.

Sometimes you just need to create a big explosion to wipe out your foes. Fortunately, the Missile Drone allows you to do just that. This little drone flies straight towards a random target and instantly detonates upon impact.

The Missile Drone will target any opponent, so you’ll need to upgrade it if you wish to take control of its target-seeking capabilities. 

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