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5 ways to make money fast in Watch Dogs Legion

Published: 29/Oct/2020 9:56

by James Busby


Looking to make Watch Dogs Legion money fast? Well, we’ve got some very good tricks to run through, so that those expensive cosmetics in the game are a little easier to come by. Here’s our ETO farming guide to help you make millions. 

Watch Dogs Legion’s cosmetics don’t come cheap and if you want to kit your character out with some of the game’s coolest cosmetics, you’ll need to earn plenty of ETO. While Tech Points allow you to purchase and upgrade both your gadgets and abilities, they won’t buy you that awesome hoodie. Fortunately, this virtual cryptocurrency can be found all over the futuristic streets of London.

However, certain methods for farming ETO in Watch Dogs Legion are more lucrative than others.

The game’s various cosmetics can get particularly costly, especially if you’re trying to purchase multiple clothing items. However, our handy Watch Dogs Legion ETO guide aims to make you one of the wealthiest hackers in all of London. 

How to make money (ETO) fast in Watch Dogs Legion

Complete story missions and side quests

Watch Dogs Legion beekeeper
Completing the game’s story missions and side quests will net you a decent amount of ETO.

You’ll naturally gain plenty of ETO by simply playing through Watch Dogs Legion’s main story and side missions.

You can see the rewards obtained from each mission by hovering over the name. A lot of these missions also reward you with Tech Points that you can spend on the game’s Gadgets and tech upgrades. Make sure you get in the habit of constantly checking your quest log and be ready to prioritize any high paying missions. 

Recruit characters that earn more ETO

Watch Dogs Legion ETO characters
Certain characters have special abilities that enable them to earn more ETO.

As you journey through the bustling streets of London, you’ll encounter and recruit more characters that you can use. However, if you want to earn more ETO, you’ll want to equip Operatives that can increase your monetary gain. For example, the game’s Broker class naturally earns more ETO thanks to their Skilled Investor trait. 

As the name suggests, this skill greatly increases any ETO you gain. So before you go around town hunting for your cash prize consider utilizing any Operatives that can increase your profits.  

Hack ATMs

Watch Dogs Legion sneaking screenshot
Hacking ATMs is one way to earn some quick cash.

The amount of ETO you gain from each ATM may be relatively small, but there are plenty of these cash machines dotted all around London. In fact, there are so many that you’ll be able to quickly rack up enough money in no time. Fortunately, the tech-savvy world of Legion makes this process incredibly simple. 

All you need to do is walk near any ATM and begin hacking it. You should gain an average of 30 ETO for each ATM you hack, which isn’t bad considering it only takes a few minutes to acquire a small fortune. 

Deliver parcels

Watch Dogs Legion driving
Be careful when driving around with any fragile deliveries.

Not only does delivering various packages around London allow you to immerse yourself in Watch Dogs Legion’s tech-filled world, it also pays a decent amount of ETO. There are a total of three different delivery options under the Fox Courier Service to choose from. These are timed, fragile, and contraband. 

Each one of these delivery options has its own unique difficulties and you’ll need to make it the end location if you wish to receive your paycheck.

The Fragile deliveries are arguably the trickiest, as one too many bumps can lead to the parcel breaking. It’s often best to hop on your drone and take your time as you carefully navigate your way through the bustling streets.

Hack ETO skimmers and safes

Watch Dogs Legion Drone
ETO Skimmers are hidden everywhere in Watch Dogs Legion.

In addition to hacking ATMs, you can also earn ETO by locating ETO skimmers or safes. While the game’s safes are usually locked away within shops and high-security buildings, the ETO skimmers are hidden around each borough. As a result, you’ll want to call in your drone and scour the area. 

They can often be located behind buildings and on rooftops, so keep your eyes open for the little ETO symbols that appear on your map. Once you’ve located a skimmer or safe, simply hack it to claim the cash inside. 

Call of Duty

When is Black Ops Cold War Season 1? Nuketown, Warzone content, Roadmap

Published: 17/Nov/2020 23:50 Updated: 18/Nov/2020 0:02

by Albert Petrosyan


Black Ops Cold War is all the talk right now in the world of Call of Duty, but there’s a whole lot more content waiting in Season 1! Here’s everything you need to know, including the release date, info about Warzone integration, and more.

Black Ops Cold War comes jam-packed with a lot of content for Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies, and a lot more is on its way once the game’s ‘preseason’ period wraps up.

After the first month is in the books, Treyarch will be rolling out a flurry of new experiences for CoD players to enjoy across all modes, including Warzone, which will finally debut its highly anticipated next chapter.

When does Black Ops Cold War Season 1 release?

Season 1 of BOCW, and everything that it’s set to include, is scheduled to launch worldwide on Thursday, December 10. It’ll likely come as part of a massive update that also makes changes to existing aspects of the game, such as the weapon balancing patch that’s already been teased.

When does Nuketown ’84 release in Black Ops Cold War?

black ops cold war nuketown '84
Nuketown ’84 is the fifth iteration of the iconic map in the Black Ops series.

It wouldn’t be a proper Black Ops game without Nuketown, so Treyarch will indeed be adding the fifth iteration of the iconic map to multiplayer. An added layer of good news is that Nuketown ’84 will be released before Season 1, on Tuesday, November 24, so the wait for it is not too long at all.

Currently, this map is the only piece of new content that has been announced for November 24, so don’t expect anything else to be added unless the devs have some surprises up their sleeves.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Roadmap & new content

black ops cold war season 1 roadmap
A lot of content is coming in the Black Ops Cold War Season 1 roadmap.

As mentioned above, there’s a lot of new goodies for players to keep busy with come December 10.

For multiplayer, there’s going to be new 6v6 maps and modes, new weapons, another Fireteam map, and the return of the 2v2 Gunfight mode that was first introduced in Modern Warfare and became quite a hit. It’s not yet confirmed whether or not the Gunfight maps will be brand new or remakes of the ones from MW.

With Zombies being a big focal point in BOCW, Treyarch’s got stuff coming for that as well. For now, that’s being described as “new Zombies modes,” so fans will have to wait a bit longer for more details.

Last but not least, there’s Warzone, but we’ll get into that in the following sections.

New Prestige levels, Prestige Master, & challenges

black ops cold war prestige master ranks challenges rewards key
Prestiging is about to get even crazier in Black Ops Cold War Season 1.

After a year’s absence, the Prestige ranking system is back in Call of Duty, but the BOCW version works a bit differently than in past titles. Following this ‘preseason’ period, in which players can Prestige up to three times, the launch of Season 1 will introduce a whole new depth to this system.

S1, and every season that follows, will have four additional Prestige ranks to achieve across the first 200 levels, with a new Weapon Blueprint that can be unlocked at level 50. Those who manage to hit level 200 and gain all four will also earn the rank of Prestige Master, which also unlocks Prestige icons from past CoD games.

It doesn’t end there, either; there’s actually going to be 1000 levels available in each season, so there’s going to be plenty to level up for even after you get Prestige Master.

Lastly, S1 will add in two sets of new challenges – 20 for multiplayer and 20 for Zombies – which will be unlocked a few at a time as you progress towards Level 200. If you manage to hit Level 200, unlock all the challenges, and complete them, you will earn an animated Season Master Calling Card as a reward.

BOCW x Warzone integration: weapons, progression, more

One of the more highly anticipated parts of Season 1 will be the integration of Black Ops Cold War in Warzone, which comes in two parts: weapon integration and unification of the progression systems.

Weapon integration

black ops cold war warzone integration loadouts weapons guns modern warfare
Starting in Season 1, Warzone players can choose loadouts from both BOCW and MW.

Starting on December 10, every weapon that was in BOCW at launch or gets added in S1 will be made available in Warzone. Players will be able to choose between loadouts from BOCW and Modern Warfare, essentially doubling the battle royale’s weapon arsenal in a single update.

Progression unification

black ops cold war modern warfare warzone progression system
Season 1 will unify the progression systems in Cold War, Modern Warfare, and Warzone.

S1 will combine the progression of BOCW, Warzone, and Modern Warfare into a singular system, meaning your level in one game will be the same for all three and any XP gained will apply across the board.

While this won’t change much in Cold War specifically, Warzone and MW players will see their ranks reset and start fresh on December 10, in order to match up with BOCW. Don’t worry though, anything you’ve already unlocked or completed in those games will not be deleted.

The next chapter of Warzone…

On top of all those changes, Season 1 is expected to kickstart the next phase of the popular battle royale’s story, which the official Roadmap referred to as a “classified Warzone experience.”

Currently, there’s no information or any concrete leaks out there about what this will include, but a mention of “Rebirth Island” has been spotted in the artwork, sparking speculation that the Black Ops 1 location could be the next Warzone map.

Expect more details to be revealed in the coming weeks.

There you have it – everything there is to know about the upcoming Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War, which will be free on all platforms. Anything specific that you’re excited about? Let us know on Twitter, @Dexertointel!