EA CFB 25 players are thrilled the top 100 players list doesn’t include one thing

Ryan Lemay
Travis Hunter

EA revealed the top 100 highest-rated players in College Football 25, and players praised the bold decision to not have a single 99 overall player.

Michigan’s Will Johnson, Louisiana State’s Will Campbell, and Oklahoma State’s Ollie Gordon II are tied for the highest overall rated players in EA Sports College Football 25. But fans noticed that all of them received a 96 overall rating, meaning the game will launch without a single player rated 99 overall.

Earning a spot in the coveted ’99 club’ has always been considered rarified air by EA. Not including a 99 overall player goes against what EA has done in the past with its football simulation titles.

Madden 24, for example, featured six players in the ’99 club.’ But fans anticipating College Football 25 were actually delighted to see the game buck the Madden trend.

EA Sports College Football 25 content creator Bordeaux responded, that not having any 99 overall players was a “W.”

A second user added, “96 overall as the highest, I like it. Room to see who becomes the first 99.”

Since EA confirmed that rosters and ratings are subject to change in future title updates, the race to become the first 99 overall players in College Football 25 becomes a compelling storyline to keep an eye on.

It’s unclear how often EA plans to update player ratings, but all top 10 rated players aren’t too far away from joining the ’99 club.’

In fact, one commenter argued that the “Heisman winner definitely jumps to 99 overall,” which could provide an additional means of recognition for college football’s best player.

In addition to leaving the door open for a future update, not including a 99 overall also benefits the Ultimate Team mode. With no maximum-rated players at launch, it gives the developers breathing room to slowly upgrade those players over the year to retain player engagement with a power creep better.

Players don’t have to wait much longer before finally using these high-rated players for themselves, as EA Sports College Football 25 launches on July 19.

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