Dying Light 2 update 1.4.2 patch notes: Fast Travel, co-op crashing fixed

Alec Mullins
Dying Light 2 DLC

Dying Light 2’s July 5 hotfix addresses some of the game’s biggest bugs and cleans up a little bit of the mess that showed up with the arrival of the previous update’s new story content. 

It’s not quite as big of an overhaul this week for Dying Light 2 but the changes that we got should have an oversized impact.

Whether you’re looking to zip around The City without fear of the travel system breaking or if you’re just trying to squeeze in a little bit of heart-pumping action with a friend, this update should make things far more pleasant than they were before.

Dying Light 2 update 1.4.2 patch notes

hakon hangs from ledge above the city
Dying Light 2’s newest update brings a more stable experience and gets a few users out of sticky situations.

The headlining act for this set of notes is the fix to fast-traveling while inside The City.

Previously the option would be completely unavailable even when players weren’t actively involved in a quest or locked-in for any other reason.

There have been other problems with Fast Travel but this was by far the most impactful one, as players were getting stranded in areas that should have been a breeze to get out of.

Stability was the next big focus and Techland delivered a number of improvements in that regard.

Co-op games should no longer go down after using the Stab Follow-up skill that lets player chain together quick kills with their knives, and the overall game stability was boosted up, reducing the chance of random errors and crashes as well.

For the full patch notes, check out Techland’s update blog below

Dying Light 2 July 5 full update patch notes

In this hotfix, we wanted to address one of the essential issues players encountered during their adventures in The City – Fast Travel feature becoming unavailable under certain circumstances. This issue should be resolved after a series of tests and implementations we’ve performed.

Check the full list of improvements and fixes.

Game Updates

  1. Most of the Fast Travel issues should be fixed. We are still working on improving the players’ experience while using this feature.
  2. Crashes occurring in co-op while using stab follow-up skills are fixed.
  3. Improved game stability and reduced the number of random crashes.
  4. We are making Tyrant Volatiles stronger. A little. Sorry.
  5. Special Infected received better resistance to some types of damage.
  6. Special Infected with an orange marker should drop Mutation Samples.
  7. Outfits from Chapter 1 will transfer to NG+; there will be no need to redeem them again.
  8. Fixed a soft lock related to dying during the challenge.
  9. Fixed an issue related to reconnecting to the game on PlayStation after leaving the session (manually or automatically) a couple of times.
  10. Achievements „Find Anything Interesting?” and „Street Art Aficionado” can now be obtained properly.