Dr Disrespect wants simple Wordle change to make it more competitive

Philip Trahan
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Dr Disrespect said on stream that he doesn’t find Wordle competitive enough and proposed an easy solution for the problem.

Wordle became an absolute phenomenon at the beginning of 2022, as players continue to play the word game every day half a year later.

Celebrities and influencers alike became hooked on the game, even creating viral moments like TimTheTatman losing it after a failed attempt.

However, streamer and influencer Dr Disrespect thinks Wordle isn’t competitive enough and gave an easy suggestion on how to fix that problem.

Dr Disrespect wants a more competitive Wordle

The popular word game typically allows for six guesses, but Dr Disrespect finds that too lenient.

Dr Disrespect was reading his stream chat when someone asked about the popular word game, which prompted the streamer to give his thoughts on losing at Wordle.

“I’ve never feared losing in Wordle. I think they allow you to have too many,” he said, in regards to Wordle’s allowance of six total guesses.

The streamer then gave his opinion that Wordle should only allow for four guesses and that’s it.

Explaining his thoughts on why he’d like the guess count to be smaller, Dr Disrespect said “It’d make it way more interesting. I think it’d be a little bit more of a competition element to [the game.]”

When Wordle first went viral on social media, people everywhere were posting their results online, flooding timelines and feeds with green and yellow boxes.

While there certainly still is a competitive aspect to Wordle, Dr Disrespects suggestion would certainly up the ante quite a bit.

Players interested in seeing just how different Dr Disrespect’s guess cap should try it for themselves or among a group of friends to see just how well others perform with stricter guesses.

After all, there’s nothing preventing players from simply stopping at four guesses and it could end up making Wordle much more intense.