TimTheTatman loses it after hilarious Wordle challenge fail: “DUDE!”

Dylan Horetski
TimTheTatman tiktok wordle youtube streamYouTube: TimTheTatman

 YouTube streamer Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar absolutely lost it after he hilariously failed his first attempt at solving a Wordle puzzle.

Just as the world brought in the new year, Josh Wardle’s entire life was beginning to change. Wardle created the viral daily word puzzle challenge ‘Wordle‘ and within a month of it gaining traction, was sold to the New York Times for over a million dollars.

Since it began to gain attention, fans all over the world were challenging themselves to solve the puzzles — posting their result blocks on their favorite social media platforms afterward.

TimTheTatman decided to join the trend, hilariously losing his cool after failing to solve his first attempt at the popular word game.

TimTheTatman attempts to solve a Wordle

In a TikTok posted on February 3, TimTheTatman attempted to solve his first-ever Wordle challenge. He quickly looked over the rules and got to work.

Betar quickly found the last three letters in the word of the day and began guessing various options like ‘doist’, ‘moist’, ‘quist’, and ‘zoist.’ He explained: “I’m trying to prove to chat that I’m smart. I want everyone to know that I’m an intellectual genius.”

After going through the six attempts at guessing the word and failing, the game displayed the correct answer — moist.

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Tim quickly realized that he had actually guessed the word. He exclaimed: “What the f**k? MOIST?! Did I write that? Dude. I swear to god I put that in but I read it wrong.”

Fans of the YouTube streamer quickly took the comments to take jabs at TimTheTatman’s hilarious mistake. His own gaming org, Complexity, joined in on the fun.

They said: ”’I’m trying to prove to chat that I’m smart.’ – Didn’t even get the Wordle of the day.”

Perhaps next time he attempts to solve a Wordle, the TikToker that found all the answers can help him.