Dr Disrespect risks iconic vest in crazy Apex Legends challenge to Tfue

Sam Comrie
Doc TfueTwitter: Dr Disrespect, Twitch: Tfue

When Dr Disrespect calls you out for a challenge, you better step up to the plate. That’s exactly what Tfue did, as he ground his way through Apex Legends in the hope of winning the Doc’s iconic vest. 

The Two-Time Champion has never been one to shy away from a challenge, especially with millions of adoring fans watching his every move.

Having previously called OpTic Scump out into the spotlight to win a replica of the champ’s iconic vest, this time he set his crosshair on Esports competitor Tfue.

Dr Disrespect Scump VanguardInstagram: Dr Disrespect / Instagram: ScumpAbner
The Doc wasn’t afraid to challenge one of OpTic’s greatest players.

Tfue accepts the Doc’s challenge

Part of Dr Disrespect’s legend in the esports community has been his willingness to poke fun at or challenge his fellow content creators.

“I’m issuing an official #DocChallenge to Tfue right now,” the Doc said in a November 6 tweet. The challenge to the ex-Fortnite star was as follows: “Get a RANKED WIN WITH MAX RP within the next 3 games on Apex, I’m sending you a rare, fully framed, museum graded signed Doc vest.”

Acknowledging the callout by declaring “We Accept,” Tfue got to work on putting his opponents back in the lobby.

However, despite his prowess, the pressure of the arena was clearly having a heavy effect on the battlefield.

With not much time left on the clock, Dr Disrespect knew Tfue was struggling and called him out appositely: “The pressure of the main stage hits doesn’t it.”

It wasn’t to be for Tfue though, who couldn’t quite complete the challenge and get his hands on one of the Doc’s infamous vests. The Doc did summarize Tenney’s as a “brave attempt” and that he looked good trying.

We can expect to see the Doc issue more challenges in the future, hopefully with more auspicious results.