Dr Disrespect sends Scump ‘ultra-rare’ gift after OpTic star obliterates Vanguard challenge

Dr Disrespect Scump VanguardInstagram: Dr Disrespect / Instagram: ScumpAbner

Dr Disrespect put a unique challenge out on social media while Seth ‘Scump’ Abner was streaming the Vanguard Beta. In a matter of minutes, the Call of Duty King was ready to claim his reward.

With the CoD Vanguard Beta in full swing, plenty of big names have been getting in on the action.

Although popular streamers like shroud haven’t been enjoying their time, others like Scump have still been grinding nonetheless.

A new year means a new CoD title for the veteran to sink his teeth into and already, Scump has reminded fans why he’s still on top.

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Looking to test his mettle, Dr Disrespect confidently put out a challenge for Scump to earn a Nuke within five maps. Halfway through the first map and the seemingly difficult task was immediately laughed off by the OpTic star.

“I’m issuing an official #DocChallenge to Scump right now,” Dr Disrespect said.

“Hey Scump, get a Nuke within the next 5 games on Vanguard.”

Making things all the more enticing, Doc put up one of his trademark red and black vests, already signed and framed for delivery. 

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Scump noticed the tweet a few minutes into a game of Patrol on Eagle’s Nest. Without hesitating, he accepted and the challenge was on.

Not even 10 minutes later and it was already ticked off. Thanks to some slick movement and impressive gun skill, Scump got it done on that very same map. A V2 Rocket came crashing down and Doc’s challenge was instantly torn apart.

“Let’s go Doc,” Scump yelled. “Are you kidding me Doc? That’s how it’s f***ing done Doc.”

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“F**k,” Dr Disrespect followed up on Twitter shortly after. “Never doubt the [King]. Challenge finished, first game. This baby is on its way.”

25 kills in the blink of an eye and Scump is now the proud owner of a signed vest from the two-time.

Next time Doc comes through with a challenge, he’ll have to remember just who he’s dealing with.