Dr DisRespect details his inventive battle royale game concept and it’s pretty great

Dr DisRespect put on his thinking cap to lay out the foundation for what he thinks would be a great new battle royale game.

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The two-time Blockbuster Video Game Champion is no strangers to battle royale games, having made them the focus of his Twitch channel for years.

Guy Beahm, the man behind The Doc’s character, is a former multiplayer level designer for Call of Duty and put those design skills to work with this unique battle royale concept.

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After playing Blackout for the first portion of his stream on November 14, Dr DisRespect got a bit frustrated at the design of the map, wishing that there was something fresh in the game.

With that in mind, he pulled up a picture of a massive tower and got to work laying out his idea for a new spin on the battle royale genre that would originate with the basic game design and weapons of Rainbow Six.

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“With their player mechanics, their guns, their equipment. What if they created a battle royale mode?” Dr DisRespect asks his viewers before getting into the meat of his idea.

He says that everyone would spawn on their own floor of the tower with their own loot before players are forced into battle by an outside force, such as a fire.

“I was thinking of a fire that breaks out at the bottom or the top [of the building], like how the circle shrinks,” explains Dr DisRespect.

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As the players try and escape the fire, they also would be fighting over an exit point in the form of a helicopter that would transport them from the burning building.

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After leaving the building, the game would do something that hasn’t really been done in a battle royale game at this point.

“Let’s say I’m the last guy alive and I get into this helicopter and we fly to the next game, which is the next level up. Everyone else that is in that level are winners from the previous game and it’s a bigger skyscraper,” Dr DisRespect says of his concept.

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This idea would be a completely new one for battle royales as players just load up match after match in the same queue, whereas this would be a sort of bracket system where players advance after successive wins.

Dr DisRespect made it clear that these are rough ideas that likely could be tough to implement in reality.

Given that developers are constantly trying to come up with ways to improve and evolve the battle royale formula, it wouldn’t a surprise to see this pop up in a game someday.

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