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Pros and cons of having Glider Re-Deploy in Fortnite

Published: 14/Nov/2018 21:55 Updated: 14/Nov/2018 21:56

by Albert Petrosyan


Just as with every major change in Fortnite Battle Royale, the removal of the Glider Re-Deploy feature has sparked widespread debate among the player-base.

Glider Re-Deploy was added to the default game modes as a test two weeks ago, and it allowed players to use their Glider anytime they were airborne at least 10 meters above ground.

While it itself was a singular change, the domino effect of its implementation affected a lot of other aspects of Fortnite, causing players to change their play-styles dramatically.

Now, with the v6.30 update in Fortnite, the feature has been disabled, causing a lot of players to try to revert back to how things were before the mechanic was added.


This has led to a divide among the game’s vast community, with half greeting the news of the removal with approval, while others lamenting the fact and calling Glider Re-Deploy “one of the best things ever added to Fortnite.”

In order to analyze this debate more in-depth, we have listed the pros and cons of having Glider Re-Deploy in Fortnite, and why it should or shouldn’t have been removed.

It’s worth noting that while these pros and cons are essentially opinions, they are based on the points that players have brought frequently in their feedback.


Why Glider Re-Deploy should stay in Fortnite.


  • Lowers importance of fall damage – Not only will the annoying incidents of accidental fall damage be reduced, players will no longer have the easy out of eliminating opponents during gunfights by simply destroying their builds.
  • Protection from third party players  Nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with third party players while in a gunfight with someone else. Glider Re-Deploy offers players the chance to quickly and safely escape when they are getting pinched by several teams.
  • Reduces endless running – Glider Re-Deploy gave players the ability to cover ground at a rapid pace and lowered the periods of endless running to escape from the storm, which sometimes turned Fortnite into a Running Simulator.
  • What happens to Balloons?  With Glider Re-Deploy gone, Balloons have now become essentially worthless, since no one will want to use them out of fear of the risk that they can fall to their death at any time.
  • Showing off Gliders more – Gliders constitute a considerable portion of the cosmetic items in Fortnite, and some can be quite pricey. Why not give players the chance to display their Glider in-game as much as possible.


Why it was right for Glider Re-Deploy to be removed from Fortnite

  • No more bailouts during gunfights – Players now no longer have the ability to run away from gunfights simply because they are losing. Nothing is more frustrating than having the upper hand in a fight only to see the enemy glide away to safety.
  • Less crazy aggressive pushes – Glider Re-Deploy allowed players to swoop in and catch opponents off guard, which got frustrating for the more average and casual players. Now the game will revert to players having the chance to see their enemies before they get attacked. 
  • Movement items become more viable – With the feature gone, movement boosting items like Jump Pads and the Grappler have become viable again. This could also open the door for the fan-favorite Bouncers to make a return.
  • Could still return with adjustments – While Epic Games clearly felt that the Glider Re-Deploy was not good enough in its current state to remain in the default modes, they chose to leave it enabled in larger team modes and Playground. This leaves the chance that the devs will look to adjust it and implement it back later down the line, perhaps with a cooldown period or max usage count added.