Disney Dreamlight Valley players want huge changes to furniture in next update

Jessica Filby
Disney Dreamlight Valley Furniture

Many Disney Dreamlight Valley fans are calling for a huge change to furniture in the next few update, expressing their need for the ability to sell, archive, or deconstruct unwanted items.

With Disney Dreamlight Valley now placed at the end of its third major update, many fans are patiently waiting for the fourth, especially since it was teased for an April release and will include new characters, quests, and hopefully recipes.

It will also likely include new clothing and items of furniture for players to enjoy and display around the Valley and their homes. In light of this, many are calling for change after getting “frustrated by having to search through everything” to find the item of furniture they’re looking for.

Disney Dreamlight Valley characters
Disney Dreamlight Valley is ever-changing, but fans think one feature couldn’t come soon enough.

Disney Dreamlight Valley players call for furniture sale function

One player took to Reddit to express their frustrations regarding the amount of furniture they have to sort through to find the item they want. Soon after, multiple fans took to the comments to agree with this statement, even offering up their own solutions that could be implemented in future updates.

The original poster detailed their frustrations when having to search through the ever-expanding list of items, going on to explain how “there should be a way to sell or archive these items to clear out this inventory so decorating and changing clothes is a little easier.”

One commenter shared their surprise when initially starting Disney Dreamlight Valley, explaining how “I couldn’t believe I couldn’t sell stuff to/back to Scrooge” and going on to state how the lack of this feature “makes no sense.”

Many agreed with this statement, with one wondering “why we can’t sell our items? Especially when we have limits to how many items we can have out in the valley,” further highlighting the limitations on furniture and the frustrations among many players.

Others suggested a different feature than simply selling items, explaining how they’d “also like to be able to deconstruct things for resources.” This would certainly aid the struggle for Hardwood, Coal, and other items when you really need them for a quest.

Using the upcoming multiplayer feature seen in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s 2023 roadmap, one commenter explored how they “hope that whenever they introduce multiplayer they have an option to gift to friends. That would be a cute way to declutter.”

While there’s no way to know whether this feature will be added in the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update or not, it’s clear many fans would be thrilled to see a change to furniture in this cozy game.