Ariel leaves Elsa confused in weird Disney Dreamlight Valley glitch

Brianna Reeves
disney dream light valley glitch

A Disney Dreamlight Valley glitch sees Ariel acting out strange behavior that leaves Elsa deeply confused.

Popular mobile game developer Gameloft unleashed Disney Dreamlight Valley to the masses earlier this month. The Disney-branded life-sim invites players to join their favorite Disney and Pixar characters in a magical world filled with myriad possibilities.

Thus far, countless players seem to have taken a shine to the experience, evidenced by its growing popularity on consoles and PC.

The title’s already reached an impressive milestone of one million users just 10 days after its release, too. But Gameloft’s latest has hit its fair share of snags along the way, with one fan noticing something especially interesting about Ariel.

The Little Mermaid sinks in bizarre Disney Dreamlight Valley glitch

Disney Dreamlight Valley player Advanced-Scholar-47 recently posted gameplay footage on Reddit that shows Ariel and Elsa of Frozen fame in a different light.

The clip runs for but a handful of seconds, featuring a glitched Ariel happily brushing her hair while half her body sinks into the ground.

Meanwhile, Elsa and the player character look on, with the former wearing a confused facial expression. Apparently, the Arendelle royal is well aware that something is amiss in the video linked below:

Since launch, Gameloft has rolled out patches to address the odd glitch and other hiccups that arise in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here’s to hoping the developer is able to snuff out bugs like the sunken Ariel one, as well.

The crew at Gameloft has big plans for the life-sim going forward. For example, free Toy Story and Lion King updates will arrive before this year’s end, the studio recently teased.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available to play across Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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