Destiny 2 players divided over The Coil being “best seasonal activity ever”

Kurt Perry
The Coil's opening area where Riven awaits in Destiny 2.

With Season of the Wish well underway Destiny 2 players are now considering if The Coil is the “best seasonal activity ever,” but that stance has proven divisive.

Season of the Wish introduced two new seasonal activities for Guardians to play, Riven’s Lair and The Coil. Riven’s Lair is a more classic, straightforward mode that plays like a Vanguard Strike while The Coil offers something unique.

Each run of The Coil sees teams tackle four rounds of increasingly difficult content with each concluding with a boss fight. After each run players can spend Wishing Glass Shards earned in the activity to gain temporary power-ups, giving The Coil roguelike characteristics.

However, this multi-wave design makes the activity fairly long which is a design point proving divisive amongst Guardians.

Destiny 2 fans split on whether The Coil’s long runs are bad or not

Feeling alone in their take one Guardian asked on Reddit, “Is the Coil really what you guys want?” before elaborating, “I admit, I’m not always 100% in line with how the rest of the community feels about the direction of the game, but the Coil is just way too long for me.”

They acknowledged that much of the community including content creators like Datto praise The Coil as being the”best seasonal activity ever,” but do not agree believing its length makes The Coil difficult to enjoy.

This contentious post has reached nearly 700 upvotes. Furthermore, many comments supported OP replying, “Its too much of the same thing over and over and over,” and “Coil is not that good. It’s fine, and it gives you something to do, but it’s so samey and the traversal sections are all unpleasant.”

Others praised The Coil with the most upvoted comment reading, “The Coil is an excellent pseudo ‘endgame’ activity because anything past the 3rd loop requires some amount of skill to progress. The fights are hard, the rewards are good, and generally, it’s a great way for me to get an ‘endgame fix’ without running a dungeon, raid, or GM.”

Another fan of the activity posted, “45 mins run but you are showered in loot that would take you at least 10 seasonal activities from witch queen era. Yeah I think the coil is something that they could build new activities as recipe for success.”

Several comments took the middle ground admitting The Coil is not an “absolute game changer,” but praising how they felt “rewarded for the time,” invested. This is a common complaint about a lot of Destiny 2 content with the community often critiquing the looter shooter’s grindy nature.