Destiny 2’s endless grind punishes Trials player who goes 978 games empty-handed

Kurt Perry
Cataphract GL3 trials of osiris reward next to Destiny 2 logo.

A Destiny 2 PvP main revealed that despite playing a staggering 978 games of Trials of Osiris in Season of the Witch alone they still don’t have the god roll they set out for.

Season 22 saw a rather exceptional weapon added to Destiny 2, the Cataphract GL3. This Heavy Grenade Launcher rolls with all kinds of perks that lend themselves extremely well to boss DPS.

However, this powerful PvE weapon is exclusive to Destiny 2’s competitive PvP game mode, Trials of Osiris. This alone has seen most Guardians not bother grinding for it but that’s not the case for everyone.

One especially dedicated player went all out to get their dream Cataphract GL3 god roll, but the brutal grind has not paid off so far.

Destiny 2 player doesn’t get god roll after almost 1,000 Trials games

Sharing their bad luck on Reddit, one Guardian revealed that despite having “played 978 games of Trials of Osiris this season,” they were still empty-handed on their desired Cataphract GL3 god roll.

The full breakdown of their grenade launcher rolls across 978 games, 402 rank ups, and 23 vendor resets were as follows:

  • 600 Cataphract GL3
  • 40 Adept Cataphract GL3
  • 17 Demo + Bait & Switch rolls
  • 3 Envious Assassin + Bait & Switch rolls
  • 0 Spike Grenade + Envious Assassin + Bait & Switch rolls

The true god roll for a DPS-centric Cataphract GL3 is Spike Grenades, Envious Assassin, Bait & Switch. This maximizes single-target DPS and makes the HGL more consistent with Envious Assassin overflowing the magazine, minimizing the amount of reloads required.

These three perks all directly improve DPS and are therefore a must for the best roll possible. However, with it being exclusive to Trials of Osiris acquiring that roll can be particularly brutal, as this player found out.

Bungie has already confirmed that big changes are coming to Trials of Osiris’ rewards. From Season 23 onward, wins 3, 4, 5, and 6 will all give additional rewards making not going flawless less punishing. Bigger changes have been promised to follow once The Final Shape is released.