Dana White teases Power Slap game on the way amid EA Sports UFC 5 announcement

Jake Nichols
UFC president Dana White teases upcoming Power Slap video game

On the heels of EA Sports confirming the much-anticipated UFC 5, UFC President Dana White stirred a mixed bag of reactions from the gaming community by teasing that a new video game based on his slap-fighting promotion, Power Slap, is also coming soon.

As UFC fans look forward to the “full reveal” of UFC 5 in September, White was recently asked whether there was an update on the Power Slap video game.

White responded: “It’s funny you ask that. I did get some information on that today. We’re getting close to getting it done and getting it out.”

Derived from the controversial Power Slap series aired on TBS and Rumble, the game will likely allow players to virtually experience slap fights that aim to knock opponents out with a single slap.


Fan reactions have been varied, ranging from humor to criticism. One tweet showed a single-button PlayStation controller with a sarcastic comment about the game’s presumed simplicity.

Another referenced the existing Slap Kings mobile game, which has over 100 million downloads and is praised for its straightforward, single gameplay.

However, not all reactions were light-hearted. Reddit ‘UFC’ community members voiced their skepticism, mocking the idea of investing money in such a game.

“Bruh, this gonna be one of those s***ty phone games with a power meter for the slap,” one user commented, while another rhetorically added, “Imagine buying this game. With your money.”

In Power Slap, participants have 60 seconds to deliver a well-placed, open-handed slap below the opponent’s eye and above the chin. The receiver has the same time to recover before returning the slap.

The promotion has faced controversy due to the potential health risks for participants.

Upon its initial airing, Power Slap sparked a debate about the competitors’ welfare and the sport’s inherent danger. It faced criticism from neuroscience professionals, combat sports athletes, and lawmakers. However, White and the show’s producers have defended the sport, asserting that it takes fewer hits than traditional boxing and that proper medical attention is given.

“In Slap, they take 3 to 5 slaps per event,” White said. “Fighters in boxing take 300 to 400 punches a fight. Oh, you’re disgusted by it? Watch The Voice.”

As the gaming community prepares for the arrival of UFC 5, it will be intriguing to see how fans will respond to a Power Slap game.

Given the criticisms and controversies associated with the sport, the forthcoming game will surely invite plenty of attention – whether good or bad.

For now though, specifics remain thin. It’s unclear what platforms the Slap game may arrive on, nor when it may even release. We’ll be sure to keep you posted here as any further details emerge.