Cyberpunk 2077 weapons list, gameplay features, and combat changes

Cyberpunk character shooting a weaponCD Projekt Red

After many delays, CD Projekt Red’s newest game – Cyberpunk 2077 – is finally available for the public to play. To make sure you’re up-to-date, we’re breaking down the different weapons the game has; its key gameplay features, and how to make the most of combat.

Cyberpunk’s futuristic, dystopian-like setting allows for unconventional gameplay in the form of creative augmentations, multi-purpose weapons, and vehicles straight out of 2077.

Furthermore, the game offers a wide array of weaponry, graciously provided by the 12 different corporations that make up the Cyberpunk 2077 universe. So let’s have a look at all the definite weapons and gameplay/combat features we know of so far.

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Cyberpunk's inventory systemCD Projekt Red
You can carry a huge array of weapons with the game’s inventory system.

Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077

Given that the game is set further in the future, lots of sophisticated, cutting-edge firearms and melee weapons are to be expected for the player to use.

Weapons are manufactured by 12 different corporations and their availability is determined by a typical colored tier system – in terms of rarity. There are also 3 different types of weapon too:

  • Power Weapons – Standard guns with typical ammo. SMG, Pistol, Shotgun, Machine Gun, and Revolver. High recoil. High rate of fire.
  • Tech Weapons – Powered by rail gun technology to fire electromagnetic projectiles. Have strong penetrative effects. Strong damage. Low rate of fire.
  • Smart Weapons – Uses lock-on technology to fire caseless, guided ammo. Doesn’t require manual aim. Does less damage.

Here are the 12 Corporations and their weapons that we know of at this moment:

  • Arasaka – Ronin HS8, Tki- 20 Shingen, HJSH-18, Masamune, Mantis Blades, Thermal Katana, Gorilla Arms
  • Budget Arms – Blunderbuss, Carnage, Slaughtomatic
  • Constitutional Arms – M2067 Defender, Unity
  • Darra-Polytechnic – Darra-Polytechnic M-9 Assault Rifle
  • Kang Tao – G-58 Dian, Type 41, KK-68, L-69 Zhuo
  • Malorian – Arms Sliver Gun, Arms 3516, Arms Heavy Flechette Pistol, Arms Sub-Flechette Gun, 3600 Super-SMG, M-12 Beretta SMG, Vindicator grenade launcher, Arms Assault Cannon
  • Midnight Arms – SOR-22
  • Millitech – ARK-44, Crusher, PDU-5 Mine, M-10AF Lexington, M221 Saratoga, RKD-12, M-179 Achilles
  • Nokota Manufacturing – Genesis 19:24, D5 Coppherhead
  • Rostovic – DB-2 Satara, DB-4 Palica
  • Tsunami Defense Systems – Tsunami Nekomata, Tsunami Nue
  • Textpohnka – RT-46 Burya

Gameplay features and combat guide

A character looking at a screen in Cyberpunk 2077CD Projekt Red
Augmentations are a big part of the game’s narrative

Cyberpunk has adopted conventional RPG tropes by having a perks system. It provides different skill trees that can shape your character, meaning your version of V can be a stealthy assassin or a gung-ho aggressor. Perks are very influential – particularly with health – as the game offers no regenerative health until you unlock certain perks.

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Equipment and technology are key in Cyberpunk with specific augmentations giving you access to environmental and enemy, information. You’ll be able to scan your surroundings and identify enemy strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, your Nanowire – a tool connected to V’s arm – can also hack into equipment, and hack into enemies.

Your playstyle can also be a factor in choosing what tools the game affords. For example, if you’re aggressive, you can claim an enemy as a hostage to provide you a buffer. If they survive, it’s up to you what their fate is. If you prefer stealth, you might want to make use of the versatile melee weapons that can be used up-close, from a distance, and quietly to remain undetected.

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Cyberpunk 2077 guns and combat trailer

To give you an idea of what Cyberpunk’s weapons look like, here’s a short gameplay trailer showing off some of the game’s shiny toys.

With Night City ready to be explored by all, it’s time to jump on in, grab your favorite weapon and live your best life in Cyberpunk 2077

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