Cyberpunk 2077 players discover “horrifying” new weapon in Phantom Liberty

Shay Robson
Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty cover

Cyberpunk 2077 players have uncovered a “horrifying” new weapon in the new Phantom Liberty expansion that takes advantage of a rogue AI to psychologically deconstruct their enemies in real-time.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty DLC finally arrived on September 26, bringing a breath of fresh air to Night City with the 2.0 update. Not only including a story expansion, but the 2.0 update also brought a ton of overhauls to a number of gameplay mechanics and core game features.

With such a huge update, a ton of new weapons, vehicles, cosmetics, and cyberdecks have been added to kit out your arsenal. However, one cyberdeck in particular has stood out from the rest, with players calling it “horrifying.”

Spoilers for both the main Cyberpunk 2077 main story and Phantom Liberty expansion ahead.

Cyberpunk 2077 players shocked by Phantom Liberty weapon

In a September 30 Reddit thread, player ‘MrN00b241’ shared a video of the ‘Militech Canto Mk 6’ cyberdeck — which when used on enemies drives them insane with ‘cyberpsychosis’ before eventual system overload due to a rogue AI from beyond the Blackwall completely deconstructing their psyche.

The Blackwall is a critical part of the main Cyberpunk 2077 story as well as Phantom Liberty, with the rampant and festering AI influence outside its walls presenting a doomsday-level threat to modern society. And this cyberdeck gives players a peek at what that technologically-driven apocalypse could look like.

Players called the cyberdeck “absolutely horrifying to use,” explaining that “the glitched-out screams of those affected by it paired with Rogue AI sh*t-talking humans is just nightmare fuel.”

However, while many agreed the cyberdeck is “brutal” to use against enemies, several players noted how it’s not exactly practical to use. “It’s strong, but obviously doesn’t one tap bosses and Maxtac. Better to use another Cyberdeck with cheaper things like Overheat and Contagion that could achieve the same,” said one.

“Yeah. I mean it’s brutal, but kind of impractical. Contagion and Overheat will do the same at a faster rate, or even Suicide with a Raven,” another wrote. “Looks impractical as f**k, but also rad as hell,” a third added.

According to the original poster, the blueprint for the Cyberdeck can be found in Cynosure after finishing the Phantom Liberty story. Players will receive a message from an unknown number, which tells you where to decrypt the shard which then gives you a crafting spec, though it’s appears to only be obtainable if you side with Reed in a crucial story decision.

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