Cyberpunk 2077 boss thanks players as Phantom Liberty reaches huge sales milestone

Rishabh Sabarwal
An image of Idis Elba from Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC.

Cyberpunk 2077 boss and CD Projekt RED’s head of studio has now thanked players after its Phantom Liberty expansion reached a massive sales milestone. Here’s what they said and how players reacted to the achievement.

After the 2.0 update and the Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 arrived in 2023, the game swiftly rose to the top of the action-RPG genre. A new plot and gameplay style were unlocked in the expansion, while the core game’s update altered gameplay and other elements significantly.

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Phantom Liberty quickly garnered universal acclaim upon release.

Following an unsuccessful 2020 launch, Cyberpunk 2077’s rebirth was ultimately validated with the game’s glory at The Game Awards 2023. Still, the latest Phantom Liberty expansion has hit a massive sales milestone and lived up to its promise of an exciting experience.

With the achievement, Adam Badowski, Head of Studio at CD Projekt RED, expressed gratitude to players for their support during the expansion. Here are the sales milestone details and the reactions from the fans.

Cyberpunk 2077 boss thanks Phantom Liberty players at 5 million copies sold

In the latest X post today, Badowski thanked Phantom Liberty players as the Cyberpunk 2077 expansion reached a sales milestone of 5 million copies sold. The DLC was released in September 2023 and featured Idris Elba as one of the key characters in the storyline. While thanking players on the X post, Adam said, “Heartfelt thanks to all Cyberpunks and Edgerunners”

Apart from Badowski, the official CD Projekt RED account also made a similar post where several players turned in their comments on the news. One such player commented, “Insanely great expansion, can’t wait to see what’s next for CDPR!”

Another chimed in, “Best gaming expansion ever imo, it surpassed blood and wine imo.” A third user added, “Damn dogtown really needs to get its s**t together if 5 million people can get in undetected.”

A fourth fan replied, “The team never gave up on the game and it became a masterpiece.” A fifth player said, “Hands down the best expansion ever made, and greatest turn around story for a game. From rough launch, to setting the bar to how all expansions should be made.”

If you’re still yet to pick up a copy of Phantom Liberty, read our review of the game right here and stay tuned to our Cyberpunk 2077 section right here.