Crash Team Rumble editions & pre-order bonuses

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coco and cortex attacking enemy in crash team rumble

Each edition of Crash Team Rumble features a different set of content and goodies. So let’s run through what each edition of the game offers as well as any pre-order bonuses.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time fan or a casual newcomer to Crash Bandicoot, the appeal of Crash Team Rumble is immediately apparent. From its fun bubbly graphics to the chaotic nature of its only multiplayer.

As with most games that come out, Crash Team Rumble will have more than just the conventional Standard Edition. Not only that, but potential buyers can rumble with additional content to make their experience even crazier.

So, if you want to see the differences between the game‘s different versions, we’ve got you covered.


standard edition of crash team rumble

Standard Edition ($29.99 / £24.99)

For players looking for a simple and easy edition of Crash Team Rumble without all the bells and whistles, then here’s everything you will receive in the Standard Edition:

  • A copy of Crash Team Rumble
  • Premium Battle Pass Unlock for Season 1
  • Access to the Closed Beta (now finished)
  • ‘Retro Threads’ skin for Tawna
deluxe edition of crash team rumble

Deluxe Edition ($39.99 /£34.99)

For a slightly more luxurious and Wumptastic edition of Crash Team Rumble, you might want to consider the Deluxe Edition. Below is a look at everything that will come with it:

  • A copy of Crash Team Rumble
  • Premium Battle Pass Unlock for Season 1
  • Premium Battle Pass Unlock for Season 2
  • Access to the Closed Beta (now finished)
  • ‘Retro Threads’ skin for Tawna
  • 25 Tier unlocks for Season 1 Premium Battle Pass
  • Digital Proto Pack:
    • 8 ‘Blocky’ Hero skins
    • ‘Pixelated’ Shadow
    • ‘Blocky’ Hat
    • ‘Get On My Level’ in-game victory music
    • ‘Blocky’ Score FX
    • Unique Banner
    • ‘Blocky’ Backpack

Crash Team Rumble pre-order bonuses

The only noteworthy pre-order bonus for Crash Team Rumble is free entry into the game’s closed beta. However, the beta began on April 20, 2023, and concluded on April 24, 2023. Meaning, even if you pre-order now, you sadly won’t be able to benefit from this anymore.

So there you have it. That’s everything we know about the editions and pre-order bonuses. If you want even more guides on the game, check these out below:

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