Will Crash Team Rumble be on Nintendo Switch?

crash bandicoot running from cortex in crash team rumbleToys For Bob

Crash Team Rumble is the latest creation from the minds over at Toys For Bob. With Crash 4 now in the rear-view mirror, the latest venture moves into the more unfamiliar territory of online multiplayer madness. But will it be spinning its way onto the Nintendo Switch?

It’s been great to see Crash Bandicoot bounce back in the last few years after a rather stagnant few years. Toys For Bob struck gold with N.Sane Trilogy, and now they’re looking to hit another home run with Crash Team Rumble.

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There have been questions concerning the nature of microtransactions in the game. Not only that, but loyal Nintendo Switch users have been wondering whether or not they’ll be able to go loco with Coco and friends with the game.

crash falling from sky in crash team rumbleToys For Bob

Is Crash Team Rumble on Nintendo Switch?

We’re sorry to report to users that Crash Team Rumble is not going to be available on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Throughout the game’s marketing and on the game’s official website, it’s made abundantly clear that the only platforms that Crash Team Rumble will feature on are the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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The majestic marsupial will be jumping over the likes of the Steam Deck, PC, and of course – the Nintendo Switch. All hope is not lost, however, plenty of times in the past we’ve seen titles be ported to other consoles later in their lifespan.

Given the friendly, cartoonish nature and lovability of the Crash Bandicoot franchise, we wouldn’t put it past Crash Team Rumble joining the Nintendo Switch party. If someone like that is in the works, we’ll be sure to update this guide for you and let you know.

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