Does Crash Team Rumble have single player?

Andrew Highton
crash team rumble trailer fight

Crash Team Rumble is being advertised as a frantic, fun, 4v4 multiplayer experience. However, Crash Bandicoot fans are wondering if the new game will also feature a single-player story, or some sort of Story Mode or campaign.

Single-player content has been the backbone of Crash Bandicoot games for decades going all the way back to the first title in 1996. Crash Team Rumble is a departure of sorts as Toys For Bob is focusing more on a multiplayer Crash title incorporating the platforming, fighting, and strategy genres.

While the early Crash games consisted of dozens of single-player levels, later games expanded the game’s repertoire. Crash Team Racing was a kart racer that included single-player and multiplayer content. Whereas Crash Bash consisted of mini-games aimed at single-player and multiplayer mayhem.

So far though, the primary focus of Crash Team Rumble has been its online multiplayer. The gameplay looks like a wumping good time, but will it be multiplayer only?

coco bandicoot running from n brio in crash team rumble

Does Crash Team Rumble have a Story Mode?

Toys For Bob have confirmed that Crash Team Rumble will feature no narrative, campaign, or Story Mode elements. It’s intended to exclusively operate as an online multiplayer game.

According to WellPlayed, a Q&A regarding the game featured a question about single-player content. In response, Associate Creative Director Lou Studdert and Creative Director Dan Neil said: “There is no narrative component to the game, it’s multiplayer focused.

This means that Crash Team Rumble will be the first console Crash Bandicoot game to exclude any kind of single-player content.

Hopefully, this won’t dissuade long-time Crash fans from getting involved with the project. The devs have confirmed that Crash Team Rumble will be supported for a long time with content-rich updates.

That’s everything you need to know about a potential story mode or campaign in Crash Team Rumble. For more on the game, check out if it’ll be free-to-play, as well as its availability on Xbox Game Pass.