Content Warning: Can you get your camera back after death?

Jeremy Gan
Content Warning dropped camera

Losing your camera in Content Warning is bad as all your hard work could be lost, so here’s what you need to know about getting it back. 

There is one goal in Content Warning, get viral with the best content imaginable by exploring the Old World and filming your brushes with monsters all. 

Except, if you lose your camera, be it by dying to an unexpected monster, or an unexpected accident, all your precious footage shot over several days could be lost. Or perhaps not if you’re lucky. 

So here is all you need to about retrieving your camera back after dying. 

Can you get your camera back after dying in Content Warning? 

Yes, you can get your camera back after dying, either by letting someone else in your party pick it up after you’ve died, or if your entire party is wiped out, you find it again in your journey. 

However, finding your camera somewhere in the Old World is easier said than done, as you’ll need to retrace your steps from your previous run, if you do remember it that is. 

But if you don’t end up finding your camera, there’s a good chance you’ll end up stumbling across it if you were to restart your run. 

Of course, you can completely sidestep the camera hunt if you make sure your entire squad stays alive and at least one of you gets out with the camera in hand. 

But in the event you all die, don’t fear, the content is still alive somewhere in the Old World.

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