Content Warning: How to find your saved recordings

Jeremy Gan
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Content Warning is all about the videos you record in an attempt to go viral. But even then, you’ve got to get those videos out in the first place. So here is all you need to know about how to find your saved recordings. 

Content Warning has become an overnight sensation, and its main premise is to record the most terrifying video imaginable and go viral on SpookTube. 

Of course, you can very well go viral outside of SpookTube and the game with your videos, however, you’ll need to get your recordings out of the game in the first place. 

So here is all you need to know about finding your saved recordings in Content Warning.

How to save your recording in Content Warning

Before even getting your recordings out of the game, you’ll need to save it first. These are the following steps to save your recordings: 

  • Convert your recording into a disc by throwing your camera into the video extraction machine
  • Pick up the disc and insert it into the TV
  • Watch it through and then select “Save to Desktop” then close it.

Where to find saved recordings in Content Warning

If you were to follow the steps above, it should save the videos onto your desktop where you can find it easily by alt+tabbing or quitting out of the game.

However, the steps above require a bit of waiting, so if you want to immediately access your recordings, you can follow these steps. 

  • Press F3 to open your recording folder
  • Access your %appdata%/Local/Temp/rec folders
  • You should see your previously recorded videos. Either copy+paste them or transfer it elsewhere on your computer. 

Saved recordings from Content Warning will be saved as .webm format, so if you would like to view your recordings, you will need to open it with either a browser or a video player like VLC.

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