Everything we know about Bungie’s next franchise after Destiny 2: Matter leaks, more

logo for Bungie's Matter gameBungie

Although Destiny 2 is still set to continue well into the future, Bungie is already working on its next big franchise – one that could be taking the studio back to its roots. From early gameplay details to a potential release window, here’s everything we know.

With the Destiny universe now into its seventh year on the market, many have begun to question what’s coming next from Bungie.

While the famed developers have no intention of abandoning its ongoing FPS anytime soon, that doesn’t mean other projects aren’t already in the pipeline.

In fact, as Destiny 2 heads towards its most anticipated expansion yet with The Witch Queen, Bungie has quietly been hiring for a separate team to helm a new franchise.

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Based on these early job listings, we already have a good idea of what to expect. So here’s an early rundown on everything we know about Bungie’s next franchise.

What is Bungie’s next franchise?

Bungie studioBungie
Bungie appears to be gearing up for a new multiplayer FPS series.

Shortly after signing a $100m partnership with NetEase, a new trademark by the name of ‘Matter’ was spotted online. While this could just be an internal codename for now, all signs point towards this being Bungie’s next franchise.

Early job listings surrounding Matter have described the project as a “multiplayer action game” akin to the likes of Overwatch and Valorant.

With a focus on “character-based” gameplay, Bungie is seeking to “create amazing teamplay moments” in its next release.

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Moreover, Bungie has also been hiring for developers with experience working on “live operation games, games as a service, MMOs, F2P titles, and mobile games.”

While it’s early days yet, the studio clearly has its sights set on another title that will evolve with new content and updates over time, similar to Destiny.

If you’re expecting more similarities, however, the buck appears to stop there. Other job listings have implied the tone of the new game will be nothing like that of Destiny or Halo, instead focusing on a more comical and vibrant style. 

Bungie’s esports ambitions with new project

Crowd at a Halo eventTwitter: HCS
Halo is trying to reinstate itself as an esports powerhouse with Infinite.

Bungie’s next project also appears to have lofty goals in the realm of esports.

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With many of its developers having cut their teeth on competitive FPS titles, the studio seems to be heading back towards that style of game with its new IP.

Various job listings have suggested Bungie wants to tap into the “competitive esports and gaming landscapes.”

Moreover, the team is searching for developers with a “strong understanding of map design.”

There’s no telling exactly how these ambitions may play out, but it’s clear Bungie is considering the esports industry while developing its new title.

When will Bungie’s next franchise release?

Destiny 2 TrialsBungie
Destiny 2 isn’t going away anytime soon, so don’t expect Bungie’s new project to replace it.

No definitive release window has been set in stone for Bungie’s new franchise just yet. After all, the next project is still in early development.

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Though the studio does still have a rough target in mind: Bungie is hoping to bring its next game “to market” by 2025.

While things could be quiet for the next few months or even years, we’re bound to hear plenty on Bungie’s next IP in the near future. We’ll be sure to keep you updated right here with any new information.