Bungie to rival Overwatch, Valorant with new “character-focused” esports game

Overwatch and Destiny 2 gameplayBlizzard / Bungie

Having evolved the FPS genre for more than two decades now, Bungie appears set to tackle the hero-shooter trope next, with a new job listing hinting at key details behind a new competitive title.

While Destiny 2 continues to grow in popularity, breaking records with each passing year, Bungie already has its sights set on what comes next. There are no plans to abandon the epic franchise just yet, but devs are busy mapping out new projects.

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With plans to introduce a new IP by 2025, it’s no surprise then that early details are slipping through the cracks; a job listing unearthed in April pointed towards an esports-centric future for the acclaimed studio.

Now, we may have some idea of what Bungie’s new competitive title will look like. According to yet another leaked job listing, the devs are eyeing a ‘Gameplay & Combat Designer,’ with experience in ‘character-focused action games.’

Valorant AgentsRiot Games
Bungie could be building a competitive FPS with characters to rival the likes of Valorant and Overwatch.

The nine-month contract is for Bungie’s “multiplayer action game currently in incubation.” This mysterious project aims to bring players together in unique ways and “create amazing teamplay moments.”

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Seeking a developer with experience on character-focused titles clearly points towards a few key names. With the likes of Overwatch and Valorant dominating the esports conversation of late, there’s no denying hero-shooters have become more and more prevalent in recent years.

Bungie could be preparing to delve into this side of the industry for the first time. Exactly how it might look, remains to be seen. It could still be a few years until the veil is lifted, but it’s safe to assume there will be a heavy emphasis on character variety with teams dropping into competitive battles.

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While Destiny features unique classes with distinct abilities, all of which can compete in the Crucible, the upcoming project appears to have an exclusive focus on PVP instead. The listing fails to mention any form of single-player or PVE experience to complement the competitive side.

Destiny 2 crucibleBungie
The Destiny franchise will continue forward alongside this new competitive project.

Halo was once considered a top-tier competitive title with players dumping thousands of hours into Bungie’s most iconic franchise. Therefore, the devs are no strangers to building games with the esports industry in mind.

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Given the hiring process is still underway, don’t expect to hear about this game anytime soon; we’ll update you once we hear more! 

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