How to watch BoomTV’s $10K Splitgate Invitational feat. Summit1g, MoistCr1TiKaL, Tommey, more

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BoomTV’s first major Splitgate tournament is upon us and all the biggest names are lining up to play in the $10K event. From when the action kicks off to how it all works, here’s what you need to know.

With Splitgate taking the gaming industry by storm of late, BoomTV is set to host one of the first major competitions. $10,000 is up for grabs as many top FPS veterans and popular content creators are preparing for battle.

The Halo-Portal hybrid has been making waves across the internet in recent weeks with its unique arena shooter gameplay hooking countless new players in every day. Now, we get to see a handful of the world’s best players compete against some popular streamers.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming $10K Splitgate Invitational event.

$10K Splitgate Invitational stream & schedule

The first of its kind BoomTV event is locked in for Friday, August 13. Action is set to kick off at 1PM PT | 4PM EST with a maximum of eight hours allocated for all games to play out. 

It’s expected that BoomTV’s official Twitch channel will serve as a hub stream throughout the event. However, you can also tune into your favorite streamers directly as players will be sharing their own perspectives during the competition.

$10K Splitgate Invitational format

The first $10K Splitgate tournament brings 16 teams together for standard 4v4 matchups. Invited captains are able to draft their teams before jumping into the double-elimination bracket. 

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There’s currently no telling if each series will be a best of one or best of three. We’ll keep you updated here as the event draws near.

$10K Splitgate Invitational teams & players

From top Warzone and Fortnite pros to popular Twitch streamers and YouTube stars, the first Splitgate event is already stacked.

We’re still a few days out from the event so names are still being announced, but below is a current look at all teams and players announced thus far.

Tommey, Newbz, Flxnked, Frozone JaredFPS, FaZe Bloo, TheDezmond, KP5ive
LEGIQN, Gigz, Gamesager, Lucid Marco, Staycation, ethanRenrew, BoomRazzle
YourRagez, vJanix, zzTrigger, Denzel Electra, Gameface, Iriddium, Wntr
Reverse2K, Deeds, 4Optix, Jernik Gagod, Cloh, Heisman, Junior
Loochy, Schlayygs, tonyhawkww, xcell DrDisrespect, TBA
ZooMaa, TBA Summit1g, TBA
MoistCr1TiKaL, TBA Froste, TBA

We’ll keep you updated right here as action gets underway for the first major Splitgate event.