Halo Infinite battle royale mode files leaked from multiplayer test beta

Jacob Hale
Halo Infinite battle royale rumors

Halo Infinite battle royale has long been rumored and discussed among fans of the franchise, with the community very much split over whether they want a BR mode in Infinite.

This is something that the devs themselves have even addressed in the past, saying that the game will not be launching with a battle royale mode, adding that “the only BR we care about is Battle Rifle.”

For fans of the franchise who wanted a BR, that felt like a blow, and even though the game might not need a battle royale mode, many still wanted to see it.

The dream might not be over yet, though, as a new leak seems to hint that a Halo battle royale isn’t just a wishlist filler for fans.

halo infinite game test
Could Halo Infinite actually be getting a battle royale mode?

Top streamers have called for a BR mode in the game, with NICKMERCS even saying that the game is at risk of dying without one — and a leaked audio file points to it happening.

As first posted to Resetera, the datamined voice line features who is believed to be iconic Halo announcer Jeff Steitzer saying “battle royale.”

It sounds exactly like Steitzer, and many believe this to be confirmation that the game will be following in the footsteps of the likes of Call of Duty by introducing its own BR mode.

It is also worth pointing to the fact that Halo will have a Forge-type mode, where plays can create their own battle royale games. So, this may be the only reason for a battle royale voice line to feature.

Regardless, this is enough to get players excited, and it will be interesting to see whether a BR mode does arrive down the line, even if it’s not at launch.

There were plenty of leaks and datamined content from the Technical Preview (warning: spoilers), and all things considered, Halo players could have a lot to look forward to when the game fully launches.

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