Bizarre PS5 controller possibly revealed in new patents


Newly uncovered patents have revealed that Sony could have a rather strange controller in the works for the PS5 – something that is a major change from the usual Dualshock pad.

The PlayStation 4 has been going strong ever since it was first announced back in 2013, and subsequently released later that year. It has outsold its rivals in the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch by staggering amounts, and while it is still holding steady, the new generation consoles is almost upon. 

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As the Xbox One gives way for Project Scarlett, Sony will return serve and launch its PS5 over the holiday period of 2020. Dev kits have been spotted in the wild for the new console, as well as its controller, but it appears as if Sony may have something else in the works as well.

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New patents were uncovered by Let’s Go Digital, revealing that the console giant may have plans for a brick-shaped controller that would allow you to use your console on the go.

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According to Let’s Go Digital’s findings, the patent was submitted back in July, but took until the end of November to be publicized. It contains an image that shows the layout of the controller – which would include a small screen, the traditional D-Pad, and the button layout that fans have come to know and love.

There are also three different menu options, some allowing you to listen to music and check emails, with others saying watch TV, play game, and play downloadable mini-game.

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LetsGoDigitalThe patents were uncovered by Lets Go Digital and revealed a new looking device from Sony.

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Of course, this patent filing isn’t to say that the usual Dualshock controller is dead, but more that Sony may have plans for more functionality – say you’re on the go, like Microsoft’s Project X Cloud.

It remains to be seen as to if this controller comes to life, or it’s just something that Sony wants locked down in case they have similar plans down the line.

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