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PlayStation 5: Everything we know about the Sony PS5

Published: 3/Jan/2020 17:19 Updated: 3/Jan/2020 17:29

by Calum Patterson


Sony confirmed back in October 2019 that the PlayStation 5 will be the official name of their next console, and revealed that it will release in holiday 2020. Even as of January 2020 though, we still don’t have a specific release date.

The console was first teased by Sony in an interview with WIRED, who have now have released another exclusive look into the new console, alongside PlayStation’s own confirmation.

“These updates may not be a huge surprise, but we wanted to confirm them for our PlayStation fans”, Sony states, with WIRED giving the first details of the new controller.

New controller

According to WIRED, the prototype they were given was visually similar to the current-gen Dualshock 4, but Sony’s Mark Cerny was apparently keen to point out new features.

One such feature is “adaptive triggers”, which “offer varying levels of resistance to make shooting a bow and arrow feel like the real thing.”

There’s also an improved speaker on the controller, and new haptic feedback, as opposed to the traditional ‘rumble’ vibration.

There are some drawbacks though, namely the bigger battery and new haptic feedback causing the controller to be heavier.

PS5 confirmed

As for details about the console itself, there hasn’t been any more news in recent months, at least in an official capacity. Sony are likely keeping that under wraps until closer to launch with February being rumored as when the full reveal will occur.

Apart from finally confirming the name as the PlayStation 5, which realistically everyone expected anyway, there’s not much that we don’t already know.

The next-gen PS system will feature an SSD, ray-tracing technology and up to 8K playback as some of its headline features.

Xbox more powerful?

While where haven’t heard any official news since October 2019, a recent leak has suggested the new Xbox could be more powerful than the PS5. This would mean Microsoft could keep their title of making the world’s most powerful console, something which they aren’t shy about advertising.

It has been estimated that the Xbox Series X could have a GPU 30% more powerful than its PlayStation 5 counterpart. This is fascinating considering the initial specs suggested the two consoles would be neck and neck in terms of what’s under the hood.

It is important to note however, that this is a leak and is certainly not confirmed at this stage.

Xbox Series X PlayStation 5
CPU 8-core AMD Zen 2 8-core AMD Zen 2 at 3.2Ghz
GPU AMD RDNA with 56 CUs at 1.7Ghz AMD RDNA with 36 CUs at 2Ghz
RAM GDDR6 at 560GB/s GDDR6 at 448GB/s

Backwards compatibility

If the new Xbox is indeed more powerful it may not affect the PlayStation all that much. Sure, there will be a number of players who want the most powerful console but they are other factors to consider. There is also the price point to consider, too.

One of those is the widely discussed topic of backwards compatibility. Sony has several generations of games, which players still want to be able to enjoy today. Fortunately, if reports are to be believed, the PS5 will be backwards compatible with each of the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 – that’s a lot of nostalgia right there.

Those reports come primarily from HipHop gamer who has been proven correct in the past. He discussed the potential PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility below.

Devkit leak confirmed

This leaked image of a devkit, which many dismissed as fake due to its rather unorthodox design, is apparently actually pretty close to the real deal.

WIRED state that “on quick glance”, the real devkit “looks a lot like” the leaked version:

This bizarre design isn’t far off the real devkit.

PS5 Pro?

There has been a rumor circulating that Sony will actually launch with two consoles – a reasonably priced PS5, and a more pricey PS5 Pro, for the more ‘hardcore’ players.

There’s no mention of this in the October 8 announcement though, so we will have to wait on more details.

Could there be a PS5 pro?

A pro version would certainly make sense though, as it would perhaps allow Sony to sell the base version, complete with an expensive SSD, at a lower price point, while making up the margins with the pro version.

The PS4 Pro was a resounding success, so it would be no surprise if the repeated the model for the next-gen too.


Son Heung-min builds his dream “Ultimate player” in FIFA 21

Published: 2/Dec/2020 0:25 Updated: 2/Dec/2020 0:34

by Bill Cooney


Tottenham star Son Heung-Min sat down with Irish footballer David Meyer to build the ultimate Hotspur card for FUT 21, and it would be an absolute titan were it real.

Son is generally considered one of the best wingers playing today, and was named EA Sports Premier League Player of the Month for the third time in October 2020.

Along with Meyer, the South Korean concocted an Ultimate Teammate, a monster of a card combining the best stats from Tottenham players including himself, albeit a bit reluctantly.

Each of the six stats that make up a FIFA player card — Pace, Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Defense, and Physical — were included, and the end result is a Frankenstein’s Monster of skill that you would never want to go up against (though, we’d take him on our squad).

So, let’s take a look at what Son managed to cook up, starting with Pace, and running on through the list:

Pace — Lucas Moura

EA Sports
Lucas is certainly speedy, so we can’t fault Son here.

For any fan of the Spurs, the choice of Lucas Moura for best Pace will come as no surprise, boasting a highly decent 92 on his regular gold card.

“Lucas is definitely faster than me,” Son laughed, when prodded by Meyer that he might actually have the edge in speed. EA apparently agrees, only giving the Winger an 88 Pace for his standard card.

Shooting — Harry Kane

Who else but Harry Kane? That 92 shooting will fit in quite nicely.

For shooting, the choice was none other than Harry Kane, who comes in with 92 in that category, one of the highest on Tottenham.

Again, Son was reluctant to name himself. Possibly because he’s a crack FIFA expert and was aware Kane has six more points in shooting than his 86, that, or he’s just doesn’t want to leave anyone out.

Dribbling — Lucas Moura

Despite considering Steven Bergwijn and himself (again) for best dribbling on Tottenham, Son once again went with the reliable pick of Moura.

While Bergwijn is only an 85 DRB, it could have really gone either way between the final two contestants, but an unwillingness to give himself much credit led to Lucas getting picked once again.

Passing — Giovani Lo Celso

Argentine Giovani Lo Celso was Son’s pick for Tottenham’s best passer.

For Passing, Midfielder Giovani Lo Celso got the nod, but only comes in with an 82 for his standard card in the stat. Still, we have to remember this was only Tottenham players that were able to be picked.

That, and Son has hooked with Son quite a few times for memorable goals over their careers, which could have been another factor in the pick.

Defending —Toby Alderweireld

Belgian back Toby Alderweireld’s 85 DEF got him a spot on the Ultimate card.

After joking that the upgrade to make his DEF 45 for his latest POTM card might be enough to finally make him choose himself, Son made a more reasonable choice and went with Alderweireld.

87 Defence is definitely nothing to scoff at, and put together with our sixth and final stat, it helps to make this “Ultimate Card” absolutely freakish.

Physical — Moussa Sissoko

Looking at the stats, it’s easy to see why Sissoko got the pick here.

Finally, rounding things out at Physical is Moussa Sissoko who comes in with an 89 — his best stat by far. This was one area where Son probably wouldn’t be considered either, on top of Defense.

Altogether, we get a 99 OVR card boasting 92 Pace, 91 Shooting, 82 Passing, 87 Dribbling, 87 Defense, and 89 Physical. Just imagine for a moment the price tag that would come along with the SBC for this bad boy.

EA Sports
An absolute monstrosity, in more ways than one.

Luckily, Son’s Ultimate Teammate card will most likely never make it into FIFA 21 itself, as it would be massively overpowered — if you haven’t picked up on that already.

Timestamp at 11:56 for mobile readers.

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