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BioWare reveals depth of Anthem’s story with incredible new gameplay video

Published: 17/Jan/2019 19:39 Updated: 17/Jan/2019 21:13

by David Purcell


BioWare has kicked off their gameplay series of videos for their upcoming Anthem title, giving potential players a closer look at the role they will play in the story. 

Players will be able to fly, swim, fight and explore anywhere across the futuristic planet, working together as a group of pirates, accepting quests to battle against many of the different evils that the world has to offer. 

This interesting new video – which has been uploaded to Anthem Game’s official YouTube channel – showed not only how the story mode would look, but gave us some more insight about the specialists, weapons and other customization that it has to offer. 

“Before you head out, you have a choice on a number of objectives and ways to play” the narrator explains. “Continue your critical story mission, pick up quests from people in the fort – including people in your crew – enter one of the formidable strongholds or explore the open world in free play.” 

Players will start out by having the chance to customize their four base javelin suits, creating loadouts for different play styles. This will all contribute towards the effectiveness of their javelin. 

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There are two weapons that feature in-focus during this gameplay video. The first is the Hammerhead assault rifle, which has the lowest rate of fire of its class, but has “great striking power” according to its description. 

Alongside that, there’s a semi-automatic Sniper Rifle called a Wyvern Blitz, which can be seen below. 

BioWareWyvern Blitz semi-auto sniper rifle, from BioWare’s Anthem Game.

Anthem will also have matchmaking in every one of its activities, according to one of the lead producers Ben Irving, who has already revealed that it will be a default option. 

While that looks to be great news for solo gamers that might not have a squad ready to play with in time for the February 22 release date, should you not want to use matchmaking, there will be the option to disable it. 


How does MrBeast make money? Behind the YouTube star’s viral philanthropy

Published: 20/Jan/2021 15:11

by Adam Fitch


Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, is sitting at 51.5m YouTube subscribers after uploading what can only be described as immensely charitable efforts — but how can he afford to give away hundreds of thousands of dollars on a regular basis?

It’s not every day that you see somebody routinely giving away over $100,000; nor is it a regular occurrence for a 22-year-old to buy five stores just to give away all of the contents. What is common, however, is that it’s MrBeast who’s leading the way in viral philanthropy through such stunts.

Whether it’s giving away a $100,000 diamond, making somebody the proud owner of an $800,000 island, or breaking into a house just to leave $50,000, he has made a name for himself by performing increasingly-crazy acts of kindness. This comes at a severe personal cost though, foregoing millions of dollars to become one of the most well-known faces online.

With this in mind, how does MrBeast afford all of these insane stunts? How does he even have any money left over to feed himself? He has a few revenue streams that all help him to not only sustain himself but also his unwavering growth on the internet, and here we take a look at each of them.

MrBeast at Burger Restaurant
MrBeast launched his own burger chain late in 2020.

How does MrBeast make money?

Viral content

MrBeast has to earn a lot of money to sustain his videos, and his main channel is a loss leader in order to attract new viewers — it’s effectively a marketing spend. He’s set up other revenue streams to allow for this to happen, with one ultimate goal in mind that we’ll get into later in the article.

As with any YouTuber that is part of the platform’s partner programme, the most blatant source of income for MrBeast is through AdSense. Display, overlay, and video advertisements are displayed on his content and he gets a cut. This is determined by the number of views a video garners and the CPM rate, the latter of which is where YouTube determine how much money he receives per thousand views. He earns a percentage of the income Google’s video platform makes from these advertisements.

Another common method of earning money from YouTube videos are brand deals. Companies big and small flock to relevant content to advertise themselves but if they want maximum impact then MrBeast is the target, almost always receiving over 30m viewers on a video. His style of content is designed to attract eyeballs and, in a climate where attention is everything, he’s the gold standard.

A genius aspect of his approach to content is that more brands want to work with him as he continues to grow, and he can charge increasing amounts for a spot in a video. Brands pay the larger figure and this allows him to make more attention-grabbing videos. It’s a circle of sustainable growth and nobody knows where the ceiling is — if it exists at all.

MrBeast Honey Pre-Roll Ad
The YouTube star appears in pre-roll ads for browser extension Honey.

Discount browser extension Honey tapped MrBeast to create a pre-roll advertisement for them, with the instantly-recognizable YouTuber appearing before videos start to explain why the viewer should give the extension a try. We don’t know the terms of this deal but the chances of him doing it for free, considering that he’s trying to increase his income as much as possible, are slim.

He also has a suite of supporting YouTube channels that were designed to generate income that allow him to support himself as his main channel loses money. The likes of MrBeast Shorts, MrBeast Gaming, Beast Reacts, MrBeast 2, and Beast Philanthropy all exist to allow his original MrBeast channel to be a loss leader that grants him the maximum amount of attention.

Closing out the video-related sources of income is Twitch. While he’s not particularly active on the live streaming platform, he unsurprisingly receives impressive viewership numbers when he decides to go live. He can run advertisements during a stream to monetize these viewers, many of which also choose to subscribe and donate to him also.

Other ventures

What’s a content creator without merchandise? MrBeast has bespoke lines of clothing that range from standard ‘Beast’ apparel to gaming-specific designs. He even launched a range of clothing for his MrBeast Burger venture.

MrBeast Merchandise
Night Media
MrBeast and his manager Reed Duchsher expertly modelling items from his popular merchandise range.

Launching a burger chain across the United States, MrBeast gave away $100 with every order placed at the first location he opened. When the service became available more widely, though (there are at least 300 locations to date), he made a limited menu available with a delivery-only option. It proved to be a hit, though we don’t know the revenue generated from this innovative business venture. This is a milestone in the world of YouTube creators, investing in new revenue streams and will no doubt inspire others to try something new.

Next up for MrBeast and his fans may well be an exclusive membership club. Much like with Team Liquid, Envy, and Cloud9 in esports in recent months, a membership scheme typically provides exclusive perks such as additional content, behind-the-scenes insights, and early access to merchandise. As per MrBeast’s musings on his secondary Twitter account, he would charge $10 a month for fans to access exclusive content like a “podcast” and “occasional random videos.” 100% of the revenue he would earn from the hypothetical club would go towards his videos, furthering his mission.

MrBeast’s end game

MrBeast, YouTube
In late 2019, MrBeast and his team raised $20m as part of his Team Trees initiative, planting 20m trees in less than two months.

Now that we’ve established that MrBeast both makes and gives away an absolute fortune, it’s interesting to try and contextualize why he’s adopted this extreme genre of content that comes with such eye-watering cost. Spoiler: it’s all for impact.

The 22-year-old is truly a philanthropist and his long-term goal is to maximize his earning potential just to give it all away. According to a tweet in August 2020, he wants to open “hundreds of homeless shelters” and “food banks” as vehicles for transferring his wealth. While he’s losing a lot of money through the stunts he pulls on his main channel, he’s able to command more and more from advertisers who want to get in front of his ever-growing audience.

Just in case anybody questions his dedication to this noble cause, he has promised that he’ll die with “0 dollars in [his] bank” and is determined to forego a “materialistic life” often adopted by those with fame and fortune.