Anthem will take a surprising approach to matchmaking

David Purcell

Upcoming BioWare title Anthem is set to go above and beyond by involving matchmaking in all of the game’s activities, it has been announced. 

More information is being progressively revealed about the futuristic online multiplayer as we approach its February 22 release date, and one of the project’s lead producers Ben Irving has been filling gamers in with some more big news on Twitter. 

Unlike Destiny, where many of its most rewarding activities don’t have the option for matchmaking, BioWare’s upcoming title will have matchmaking set as default for all of its online content, Irving explains.

Fans have been treated to several gameplay streams so far, some of which have been hosted by Irving, giving us a taste of what’s to come from the third-person shooter. 

While the producer states that matchmaking is going to be a default option for players, you will still be given the chance to opt out of that at any time. 

The most recent trailer for Anthem was revealed at the 2018 Game Awards, which took place on December 6 of 2018. 

While many of the activities offered in the game are still unknown, potential players have been given a sneak peak of free play mode already and the next gameplay livestream is set to go live from BioWare’s official Twitch channel on January 17. 

EA Access subscribers will be able to get their hands on the game early, with an exclusive trial going live between January 25-27. 

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