Back 4 Blood devs find “unfair” spawn issue after backlash from players

back 4 blood spawn riddenTurtle Rock Studios

The Back 4 Blood developers found an issue with zombie spawns weeks after initial concerns of the game’s difficulty spike sparked backlash from players.

Even before its October 8 release during the beta, B4B players have been clamoring about the game’s hordes of zombies, known as the Ridden. Though complaints of the overall difficulty have also been an issue, people are particularly frustrated at the amount of Special Ridden that would spawn during a run.

Concerns about pacing and problems with Back 4 Blood’s difficulty caught Turtle Rock Studios’ attention. The devs responded with an October 15 update to hotfix different aspects of their Ridden.

On November 9, Turtle Rock said they would look into an “unfair” gameplay issue where Special Ridden would spawn at a much higher rate than intended.

back 4 blood spawn riddenTurtle Rock Studios
Back 4 Blood special ridden spawns weren’t working as intended.

Back 4 Blood difficulty spike bug fix

“We found an issue where Specials would frequently duplicate their spawn cards, compounding as players progressed through levels,” the company said. “This would often result in an unfair amount of Specials overwhelming Cleaner teams.

“In future patches, we are going to continue to dig into spawning issues to help further smooth out the experience.”

The Back 4 Blood November patch fixed some issues related to Specials spawning but Turtle Rock said to expect more fixes in future updates.

A major player complaint revolved around the “incredibly unbalanced” difficulty both on Veteran (Hard) and Nightmare (Harder) modes.

back 4 blood spawn riddenTurtle Rock Studios
The Back 4 Blood devs found an issue with zombie spawns “overwhelming” players.

As of now, it seems as those complaints could be remedied by fixing specials’ spawn rates to make Ridden hordes more manageable.

But the devs are going to monitor the game state that’s been frustrating Back 4 Blood players, which could take a couple of patches.