All D&D movie stat blocks for Honor Among Thieves main characters

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D&D movie characters

D&D Beyond has released the complete D&D movie stat blocks for the upcoming Honor Among Thieves including all the main characters and primary villains.

With the new D&D movie coming to our screens soon, many fans are already excited to see their favorite class come to the big screen, especially since they’re being portrayed by some A-list actors. However, now, thanks to D&D Beyond, players of the famous TTRPG are able to either fight or play as the main characters of the movie.

These D&D movie stat blocks detail each character’s armor class, hit points, spells, attacks, and more, allowing players the chance to explore these heroes in a more detailed light, as well as giving us a few hints about what could be coming in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.

Here are all the details about each character as well as where you can find these D&D movie stat blocks.

Where to find the D&D movie stat blocks

Since the D&D movie stat blocks were released on D&D Beyond, you can find them on their website.

All you’ll need to do is head to the site, sign up or log in, claim the content and you’ll be able to view the seven available characters and their stats.

All D&D movie stat blocks for the main characters

Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among Thieves
These D&D movie stat blocks will allow you to incorporate the characters into your own game.


As previously seen in the D&D movie trailers, Doric is a Tiefling Druid who can Wild Shape into an Owlbear, something that confused many players on account of that not being part of the TTRPG rules.

The stat block eliminates such confusion explaining that she can change shape five times a day into a beast with a challenge rating of three or less. You’ll be able to find these beasts in the Monster Manual among other D&D books.

On top of this, she can cast multiple spells like Cure Wounds, Entangle, Thunderwave, and Speak With Animals. This helps us learn that we’ll likely see her communicate with such animals, although what kind is yet to be determined.

Edgin Darvis

Edgin is an extremely charismatic Bard with a talent for persuasion, performance, and a few thieving skills. On top of that, he also has some weapons, including a reinforced lute and a shortsword, perhaps hinting that we may see him in melee combat.

As for spells, he can cast Friends, Message, Disguise Self, Suggestion, and Charm Person, meaning we’ll likely see a bit of mind manipulation coming from Chris Pine’s character.

Forge Fitzwilliam

Hugh Grant playing a rogue in DnD
Forge will likely be a friend to the group, only to turn thanks to his greed.

Playing as the charismatic villain of the D&D movie, Forge Fitzwilliam is proficient in many things, including deception, persuasion, stealth, and more.

While he may not have any spells, he has multiple attacks featuring his daggers and heavy crossbow, meaning we can expect him to be a serious threat to the party. To add to the threat, he has an ability called Double-Cross, where, if Forge hits a creature who is friendly with him, it’s automatically a critical hit implying there will definitely be some betrayal among the party.

Holga Kilgore

As seen throughout the trailers, Holga is the Barbarian of the group, taking out multiple enemies with her powerful greataxe.

She doesn’t have any spells or hugely unique abilities apart from her Reckless attack and Multiattack with her greataxe. It’s likely we’ll be seeing her deal some impressive attacks on enemies rather than manipulating what’s around her.

Simon Aumar

Acting as almost the direct opposite of Holga Kilgore is Simon Aumar. He’s a Sorcerer with a variety of spells, although he is a Wild Magic sorcerer, meaning any powerful spell he casts will cause something else to happen, like a random fireball or teleportation.

He can cast Mage Hand, Minor Illusion, Spider Climb, Bigby’s Hand, Major Image, and Speak With Dead, among others. Thanks to a recent trailer, we know he will cast Speak With Dead, prompting some hilarious questions. He also has a reaction called Sheltering Shield, something we see him cast to protect the group from a fireball in the first trailer.

Xenk Yendar

Xenk the Paladin Dungeons and Dragons movie
This Paladin may be more serious than the other characters but he’s got some great fighting skills.

The Paladin Xenk, played by Regé-Jean Page is a serious character, with plenty of skills thanks to his Daggersword. He can attack multiple times and cast Cleansing Touch which will heal the character he touches.

Interestingly, unlike most traditional D&D Paladins, he hasn’t got any spells, preferring to fight with his Daggersword rather than using the arcane arts.


Sofina is the Red Wizard we see in the trailers and will likely be a villain throughout the D&D movie. She has the ability to cast a variety of spells like Dimension Door, Thunderwave, Time Stop, and Evard’s Black Tentacles, some of which we will likely see cast on the party of heroes.

On top of this, she is able to summon a Wraith once a day which will look like a Thayan Assassin, likely also causing the group a lot of trouble.

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