Every D&D monster in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Dungeons and Dragons movie monstersParamount

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves takes a considerable amount of inspiration from the famous tabletop game, especially with some of the deadly monsters teased in the trailer. Here are all the creature appearances teased for the upcoming movie.

D&D monsters range anywhere from deadly to dangerously adorable. They’re formidable, unique, and make the Forgotten Realms and beyond an exciting place to live for adventurers like the Thieves in the D&D movie. However, with so many monsters and only a few-minute trailer, it’s easy for both D&D fans and movie buffs to discern the monsters we’ll be seeing when the film comes out.

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So, we’ve compiled all the monsters teased in Honor Among Thieves so you can go in with a little D&D knowledge and know what kind of battle these heroes are getting themselves into.


Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves trailer

Before looking into the monsters teased for the movie, it’s worth watching the trailer to see if you can spot any recognizable creatures. You can watch it below:

Once you’ve watched the trailer, take a look at all the teased beasts and monsters we could be seeing in the upcoming film.

Displacer Beast

Dnd movie Displacer Beast monsterParamount
Displacer beasts may be cute but they’re extremely deadly.

The Displacer Beast is essentially a large panther with six legs and tentacles sprouting out from their shoulders. Those tentacles, as seen in the trailer, have spikes on the end and are extremely dangerous.

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Displacer Beasts may be cute but they’re powerful creatures capable of taking out formidable players if they’re not prepared, it seems the party in Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves will have a tough fight on their hands, making it understandable to see them escape in the way they do.

Gelatinous Cube

Gelatenous cube DnD movieParamount
While the party may jump into a Gelatinous Cube to save themselves, it’s not recommended to do the same in your D&D game.

In the same few seconds of the trailer, we see the party jumping into a Gelatinous Cube to escape the clutches of the Displacer Beast. While that’s a great way to avoid some attacks, jumping into such a monster is not an ideal escape plan.

Essentially, Gelatinous Cubes are large, compact, oozes that will try and engulf you, removing all your air, and causing acid damage, essentially digesting you (as we see from the unfortunate victim already in this cube). It’s not recommended to do what these thieves did in the Dungeons and Dragons movie trailer.

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Black Dragon

Dungeons and Dragons Black Dragon monsterParamount
The Black dragon is formidable and looks to be living up to its deadly nature.

While Displacer Beasts and Gelatinous Cubes can be tough, nothing comes close to how powerful a Black Dragon is. This one looks to be an adult or at least a young adult making them extremely powerful, as seen through the glimpse we get of it destroying an army, leaving molten acid in its wake.

Black Dragons spew black Acid, often obliterating anything in their path, it also has the capability to attack using their claws and tail. Hopefully, the party doesn’t come face-to-face with one of these.

Giant Spider

DnD monsters Giant SpiderParamount
The Giant Spider may be one of the more forgiving monsters present but they are not to be underestimated.

Giant Spiders are probably the nicest monsters we’ve seen in the Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves trailer. They’re still deadly but nowhere near as bad as the likes of Displacer Beasts, or Black Dragons.

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There’s a variety of Giant Spiders in the tabletop D&D so time will tell to see if this one will show what it really is or if it will leave the party alone.


Owlbear DnD honoor among thievesParamount
A mixture between an Owl and a Bear and something you do not want to fight if you can help it.

The Owlbear may be taking away a bit of traditional D&D lore by letting the Druid wildshape into such a creature but it’s still a fantastic nod to one of the most famous, and deadly monsters in Dungeons and Dragons.

It’s a fantastic mix between an Owl and a Bear and can be an extremely formidable opponent, luckily the party has one on their side.

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Stone Golem / Gold Dragon

DnD stone golemParamount
It’s under debate whether this is a Gold Dragon or a Stone Golem but only time will tell.

There’s a lot of debate regarding whether this monster is a Gold Dragon or a Stone Golem, however, we predict it’s likely to be a Stone Golem given how incredibly rare Gold Dragons are in the Forgotten Realms, the location in which the film is set.

If it is a Sone Golem, they can be masters of disguise and a truly fearful presence if you cross it, especially one that looks a bit like a dragon. It will be an exciting battle to watch the group come up against this foe.


Mimic DnD honor among thieves.Paramount
Mimics are the bane of most party’s’ existence.

Any D&D fan will likely have a fantastic story about when their group came up against a Mimic. Tails of tricks, near death, and laughter will prevail, all because of this frustrating little creature disguised as a delightful chest, or chair, or really anything the Dungeon Master can think of.

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Mimics will disguise themselves as an everyday item, waiting patiently for an unsuspecting adventurer, in this case Holga, and, when that adventurer touches the mimic they will stick and the creature will strike. They’re deadly, quick, and extremely annoying to battle, especially if the film follows their sticky effects.

Red Dragon or Themberchaud

Dungeons and Dragons red dragonParamount / Wizards of the Coast
While it’s up for debate whether the last monster we see is a simple Red Dragon or Themberchaud, he’s still a deadly threat.

Similarly to the Stone Golem and the Gold Dragon, there has been some debate regarding if this is a simple Ancient Red Dragon, or if it’s Themberchaud himself. We think it’s likely to be Themberchaud due to the clear similarities in design, and the Underdark nature of that scene, which is where Themberchaud resides.

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Themberchaud is a powerful adult Red Dragon allied with the gnomes of the Underdark and uses his breath to heat the city’s great forges. On top of that, he also eats humans and the Duergar (Gnomes of the Underdark) will often perform sacrifices to him. Perhaps this is what we see in the trailer.

Those are all the monsters currently teased for Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. When more are announced we will be updating this article so be sure to check back soon. In the meantime, take a look at some of our other D&D content:

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