One D&D Druid and Paladin Playtest: What’s changed for the classes

One D&D druid and paladin changesWizards of The Coast

A new Playtest has arrived for One D&D and brings in major changes for the Druid and Paladin classes. Here’s everything that’s changed for each class.

After an extensive delay thanks to the uproar regarding the OGL license, Wizards of the Coast have revealed their new Playtest for the equally as controversial One D&D, a new edition striving to make the game more accessible and combine all the best bits of previous editions.

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This new Playtest has made dramatic changes to both the Druid and Paladin classes, with many vital elements altering for each. So, with that in mind, here’s everything changing for each class in the new One D&D Playtest.

What’s changed for the Druid in the One D&D Playtest

One D&D druidWizards of The Coast
The Druid is getting serious alterations in the next edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

The changes made to the Druid in One D&D were relatively substantial, despite the class being one of the rarer to appear in adventures. The most notable change is the alteration of Wild Shape, one of the Druids’ most powerful abilities.

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Now, when changing into a beast you will take on a modification of your existing stats rather than taking on the beast’s stats as before. This means you’ll keep your own hit points and many modifiers.

On top of this, the Druid will no longer be proficient with medium armor and they will be able to choose their subclass at level three rather than level two.

Then, the addition of Nature’s Aid at level two will introduce Wild Companions and Healing Blossoms. Wild Companions will summon a nature spirit to aid you and Healing Blossoms is an AoE healing spell.

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What’s changed for the Paladin in the One D&D Playtest

The Paladin has had considerably fewer changes made in the One D&D playtest, prioritizing their Divine Smite and the addition of a few elements.

Divine Smite will now be available on any weapon attack as opposed to just melee but will only occur once per turn and when they don’t cast a spell.

On top of this, Paladins will now get access to spellcasting at level one rather than level two, making them a more heavy magic class from the beginning.

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Lastly, an ability called Faithful Steed will allow the Paladin access to the Find Steed spell, granting them an otherworldly steed when they so desire. This ability will be made available at level five.

These changes are purely part of the playtest and are not set in stone. They are subject to change upon each playtest and before the release of One D&D.

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