How to claim free Forza Horizon 5 wheel spins: Free cars & money

Forza Horizon 5 races can be a physical affair but this strange new tire glitch is making that a dangerous fact.Playground Games

Playground Games is giving away five free wheelspins in Forza Horizon 5 to celebrate being a contender for Game of the Year across the industry. Here’s how to claim your spins and earn some free cars and money. 

Whether you’re looking to test your luck for a Lamborghini or you’re just after a little bit of pocket padding, the Forza Horizon Super Wheelspin is an excellent way to juice up the game.

There are no restrictions on who qualifies for these bonus spins, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a certified speed demon or an absolute newcomer; everyone who launches into the game can take advantage of this giveaway.

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How to claim Forza Horizon 5 wheel spins

Forza Horizon 5's main menu shows where to access the Message CenterThe Message Center is accessed through the main menu, and you’ll find your prize under the Gifts section.

These extra wheel spins have been awarded to players via the Message Center and can be redeemed as soon as you launch the game.

In order to claim the spins, open the message menu and scroll over to the gifts section. This is where you’ll find the notification that you’ve been given a gift, and clicking it will prompt you to open the Super Wheelspin menu.

The wheel’s rewards range from basic to beautiful, with cars like the X-Class and the Lambo Sesto FE up for grabs, alongside varying amounts of CR and a few cosmetic items, as well.

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The Forza Horizon Super Wheelspin menu allows players a chance for some free gearForza’s Super Wheelspin slot machine provides a chance for drivers to collect a few freebies.

Unlike a regular slot machine, it doesn’t take three-of-kind to earn a reward in Forza Horizon 5. Whatever items come across your screen at the end of a spin are yours to keep without restrictions.

You can receive duplicates of things you already own though, and if you do land one, you’ll be prompted to make a decision whether to hold onto it, sell it off instantly, or place it on the auction block.

These free spins are not likely to make you rich overnight, but they could serve as a nice boost to your CR and propel you towards unlocking some of the game’s more expensive options.

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