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How to get Fortnite Reboot a Friend free skins and rewards

Published: 6/Apr/2021 20:08 Updated: 6/Apr/2021 20:15

by Tanner Pierce


After hosting a beta for the feature back in January 2021, Epic Games has brought back the Reboot a Friend program, which is designed to get people back into Fortnite by giving them rewards for inviting old friends back. Though it’s a bit different than before.

While Fortnite is still a huge title, it’s safe to say that its popularity has gone down a bit from when it was on top of the world. To remedy this issue, Epic Games have unveiled a system designed to get old players who might dropped off the game back into the battle royale.


Called the ‘Reboot a Friend’ program, this feature allows current players to invite old teammates to get them to return and give them rewards for doing so. Here’s how you can invite some old friends back, who qualifies, and what rewards you can get.

How does the Reboot-A-Friend program work?

Epic Games
Fortnite players can invite old friends back to the game in order to get rewards.

Luckily, the Reboot a Friend system is relatively simple and works similarly to how it did previously: players who have friends that haven’t been active for 30 days can invite those friends to rejoin. Doing so will give that person rewards.

What different this time is that you no longer NEED friends who haven’t been active for 30 days to participate. Instead, if you don’t have anyone that meets that criteria, you can now simply invite new players and still receive some rewards.


Still, there are some easy steps for you to follow:

  1. Go to the Reboot-A-Friend website
  2. Log in to your Epic Games account that’s associated with your Fortnite info
  3. Scroll down to the “Ready to Reboot” section and choose from the list of names presented to you
  4. Click “Reboot” next to the players eligible name
  5. Confirm your selection

You won’t just get your rewards after sending that invite, however: you’ll have to play a few matches with that player if you want everything the program has to offer.

Reboot-A-Friend program rewards

Epic Games
Fortnite fans have to play matches with old friends in order to unlock rewards.

Both how you get rewards and the rewards themselves are also different this time around. First off, instead of being based on the number of games you play, the feature now uses a point system. Players who reboot one friend will receive 100 points and then receive 10 points after that for every game you play with them.

The rewards themselves have also changed too. Now, fans will have some more interesting cosmetics compared to last time, with the inclusion of some new pickaxes, a special glider, and more. Here’s the complete breakdown:


  • 100 points: Reboot a Friend Spray
  • 200 points: Heartbeat Wrap
  • 300 points: Toxic Flash Glider
  • 400 points: Plasma Carrot Pickaxe

All in all, the rewards themselves are pretty cool, especially considering you can’t get them anywhere else. Here’s hoping you have a friend eligible in order to get your hands on the rewards.