Forza Horizon 5 players call for solution to gifting’s biggest problem

Dylan Horetski
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Forza Horizon 5 players are calling for an easy solution to the biggest problem they face when gifting cars — there’s no filter for your cars. 

Since the games release on November 9, fans around the world have enjoyed playing against each other as well as sending random players gifts through the in-game gift drop option.

Playground Games provided more players with incentives to gift cars with Series 2’s special Horizon Secret Santa, which unlocks special items as players send cars around the world.

As the process has gained popularity, fans have taken to Reddit to call for a solution to the biggest problem they face when gifting cars.

Forza Horizon 5 gifting cars biggest problem

On December 17, Reddit user kevkevfuuuuu took to the game’s subreddit to voice his opinion on how the developers could make gifting easier.

He explained: “I really like the car gifting feature in FH5, and since I collect cars, wheelspins, and prizes like crazy, I’m doing my part gifting cars I have twice or even more times than that to random players hoping they get better use out of it.”

The user then called for a “quality of life” feature, and explained why: “What would make this process way easier would be a “duplicate cars” filter, that shows every car you have multiple copies of. Right now I have to painstakingly scroll through the 500+ cars in my garage and manually search for dupes.”

His idea was instantly approved by many other fans, who also chimed in with their own ideas for Forza Horizon 5’s car inventory.

A user by the name of NinjaOxygen added that he would love to see an option to “lock” cars into your inventory, so you don’t accidentally gift cars you want to keep.

They weren’t the only fans of the game that suggested features they’d like to see added into the game, so we’ll have to wait to see if any of the suggestions end up in the game.

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