Forza Horizon 5 cars revealed at Gamescom: Mercedes AMG Project One, Bronco Badlands

Nick Farrell
Playground Games

Playground Games has ambitious for the next Forza title, and within Horizon 5 we’re going to be able to race around the gorgeous map of Mexico in some stellar cars that have taken over the automotive world. 

Forza has been the premier racing game for quite some time now and coming off the rampant success of Horizon 4, Playground Games are back once again with a new title releasing this fall.

While we know an ample amount of information pertaining to the environment of Horizon 5, we have received little information regarding the number of cars going to be within the game.

With Horizon 4 offering over 400 cars, we know less than 100 at the moment. But, during Gamescom 2021, Playground Games revealed some of the new cover cars that will be able to take across the landscape of Mexico this Fall.

Weather effects in Forza Horizon 5
Playground Games
There’s a variety of incredibly realistic weather effects coming to Horizon 5.

Forza Horizon 5 cover cars revealed during Gamescom

It’s always an exciting time when we get to hear more news surrounding future titles, and Gamescom has been one of the premier locations where developers showcase upcoming aspects to their new releases.

Playground Games, the developers behind Horizon 5 have revealed two of the cars that’ll be featured on the covers of their latest game.

Ford Bronco Badlands edition

First, we have the new Ford Bronco Badlands edition, which is one of the top editions of Ford’s re-entry into the Bronco line. This car seems perfect to fit the cover of Horizon 5, as it’s meant to tackle all-terrain, and within the new map set in Mexico, we’re going to venturing into some pretty rugate surfaces.

Playground Games
The new Bronco Badlands edition will be able to traverse anything in its way.

Not only will this car be able to climb the many mountains within the game, but it’ll also be able to “deliver rugged, off-roading across Mexico’s vast terrain of breathtaking jungles and deserts.”

Mercedes AMG Project One

Another car that’ll be featured alongside the Ford Bronco Badlands edition will be the Mercedes AMG Project One, which clocks in at a top speed over around 218 MPH.

The ultra-sleek car developed by renowned car manufactures Mercedes, definitely fits the supercar model that we often associate with Forza.