Forza Horizon 4 DLC glitch spawns cars onto invisible island

Kieran Bicknell
Forza Horizon Fortune Island Glitch

Forza Horizon 4 has benefitted from a multitude of DLC during its time, with a mixture of car packs and fully-fledged expansion packs such as Fortune Island. One player seems to have discovered a glitch with the Fortune Island DLC, which allows it to be used before it is installed. 

Glitches in Forza Horizon 4 are nothing new. We’re big fans of the hilarious and sometimes mind-boggling glitches and bugs that players find and share, but this one is just outright strange.

Having purchased the Fortune Island DLC expansion, this player managed to somehow access the island while the DLC was still installing. While it’s strange enough that the game would let this happen, the results of using the incomplete DLC were even stranger.

Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island glitch
Reddit: u/LoganH1219
The glitch spawns the player onto Fortune Island, but the environment is completely invisible.

Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island glitch

Fortune Island remains one of the biggest DLC packs to be made for Forza Horizon 4. Adding an entirely new island for players to enjoy, along with a host of new challenges and ‘treasure hunts.’

Given the depth of the expansion, it has proved popular with players, including Redditor u/LoganH1219. However, it seems their enthusiasm to explore this new expansion caused an unusual glitch.

By accessing Fortune Island before the DLC had finished installing completely, they were presented with a floating car, and a completely invisible environment.

To make it even more unusual, the game continued to be playable. The crowds were also present, apparently cheering on a floating vehicle while standing on thin air.

Despite the environment being invisible, LoganH1219 was able to still drive around as normal. The environmental effects – such as ‘spray’ from the sea – were also still present, adding to the unusual situation.

While in this instance the glitch occurred due to the DLC being incomplete, it is apparently not an isolated incident. According to the comments on the post, other users had experienced the same issue, despite their DLC being “fully installed.”

Whether this is simply an unusual loading glitch or an issue that has come as a result of recent updates is unclear, but hopefully, Playground Games will issue a patch if it is the result of a bad update bug.