Why Tfue and Cloak may not stream Fortnite FNCS Week 2

Eli Becht

Fortnite pro Khanada has been banned which might end up preventing both Dennis ‘Cloak‘ Lepore and Turner ‘Tfue‘ Tenney from streaming the second week of the FNCS.

Twitch has a policy where streamers aren’t allowed to have other banned streamers appear on their streams.

This rule was put to the test when Khanada had fellow pro Zayn appear on his stream, which resulted in a three-day ban. He even says he had Zayn muted so his audio wouldn’t come through on the broadcast, but the ban was still handed out.

Zayn was banned for a third time on October 29, making this one indefinite.

He claims he was watching streamers on another account, which Twitch found out about so they dinged him for ban evasion.

This untimely ban of Khanada couldn’t have a really come at a worse time as it could end up having a major impact on two of the biggest Fortnite streamers out there in Tfue and Cloak.

The two former FaZe Clan pros compete in the FNCS with Liquid Fiber and Khanada as a teammate, and now that Khanada has been banned, they won’t be able to stream their games if they want to remain unbanned from Twitch.

The FNCS weekends usually result in a monster view count for Tfue on Twitch, so having him potentially miss the event entirely due to this ban would be huge.

Of course, the squad will still be able to compete but it’s sounding like nobody will be able to stream the event now thanks to this ban.

Unless Twitch overturns this ban, it seems likely that this will be the case. Tfue hasn’t said much about his plans but did express some anger and disappointment on Twitter.

If this squad isn’t able to stream, that won’t take away the sheer talent they have as they finished in fifth place for Week 1 and will be looking to improve upon that for the next week.

It’s not the end of the world if they miss a stream for a weekend, it just means viewers will have to find somebody else to watch instead.