Fortnite pro kicked out of DreamHack Dallas by police after sneaking into Porsche display

Carver Fisher

Fortnite pro and Twitch streamer Bucke was booted from DreamHack Dallas for crossing a barrier and touching a Porsche on display at the event without permission.

Bucke is known primarily as a Fortnite streamer, but he’s also been a pro player for years and is currently signed with Agent for the FNCS 2024. However, his time at DreamHack Dallas was cut short.

Though Bucke is one of the best Fortnite players in North America, he’s also been kicked out of LAN events before. He was booted from the FNCS 2023 LAN, and he’s had the same treatment at DreamHack Dallas.

While he was streaming from the event, an officer approached him and forced him to leave.

He had this to say on Twitter/X after getting kicked out: “I’d like to apologize for what I did today, I went too far and broke the rules. Disappointed in myself, I should know better. As I get older, I keep going backwards need to take a step back and really look at my actions. Appreciate everyone stopping by for the streams and sorry to let people down again.”

That said, this statement came after he tweeted, “2x”, poking fun at him getting kicked out of the FNCS last year.

As for the reason why he was kicked out of DreamHack, the moment where he crossed the barrier and touched the Porsche on display was livestreamed.

It isn’t like Bucke damaged the car or tried to steal it, but what he did was still against the rules at the venue and resulted in him getting booted.

Reactions from the community and his fans have been negative, with people telling him to “grow up” and saying that what he did isn’t defensible. Additionally, his actions resulted in fellow Fortnite streamer Pilat getting barred from the event as well.

“Guilty by association I guess,” he said after getting kicked out with Bucke. It’s likely that neither of them will be allowed back in for the duration of DreamHack Dallas.