NICKMERCS ranks all Fortnite Chapter 2 Shotguns from best to worst

FaZe Clan star content creator Nick ‘NICKMERCS‘ Kolcheff has shared his opinion on the shotguns currently available in Fortnite Chapter 2, ranking them in order from best to worst.

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Shotguns have and always will be a fundamental aspect of gun-play in Fortnite, as you would be hard-pressed to find a player who doesn’t look to add a one to their inventory at the start of every match. 

There have been numerous types and styles of shotguns throughout the seasons, but Epic limited the pool at the start of Season 1 of Chapter 2, leaving only the Tactical and Pump, with both having five rarities each.

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Like every other competitive player out there, NICKMERCS puts a high priority on getting the best shotgun he can find for his inventory as soon as possible because he and everyone else know that one can’t succeed in-game without a good close-quarters weapon.

As the most popular and well-known controller player in the world, fans are always looking to get his opinions and strategies regarding various facets of the game, and he was recently asked about which shotgun(s) he prefers. 

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  1. Gold Pump
  2. Purple Pump
  3. Blue Tac
  4. Gold Tac
  5. Green Tac
  6. Purple Tac
  7. Blue Pump 
  8. Grey Tac
  9. Green Pump
  10. Pickaxe
  11. Grey Pump

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Looking at the top of his list, it would be very hard to argue with his choices for numbers one and two, since the Epic and Legendary Pumps are really the only two weapons in the class that can deliver a one-shot kill against a player who has full health and shield.

However, interestingly enough, he’s gone with the blue Rare Tac as his third choice, even above the purple and gold variants. 

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He actually explained his reasoning for this in a video he published several weeks prior, stating that he prefers the blue Tac because he doesn’t like how the higher versions feel and believes they have a slower pull-out time.

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“I don’t care so much for the gold Tac,” he said. “I just hate how it feels. It’s got a slower pull out for sure, but I don’t even like how it feels when I shoot it. That’s why they call it the ‘Heavy Tac.’ I just don’t like it. I don’t like that gun. blue Tac is the best for me, and green Tac is immediately behind it.”

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In fact, his dislike of the rarer version of the Tac are to the point where he ranks the green Uncommon one higher than the purple Epic one, even though the latter does eight more points of damage.

(Segment begins at 4:00 mark for mobile users)

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Speaking of dislike, it’s very clear that Nick doesn’t at all have a high opinion of the Pump Shotgun outside of its Epic and Legendary variants.

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He has all three of the lower version ranked in the bottom half of his list, and he even ranked the gray Common Tac over the green Uncommon Pump, which is incredible to consider since the gray Tac has the second-lowest damage in the class.

Which one has the lowest? That would be the gray Common Pump, which the FaZe star unsurprisingly has ranked as his lowest preferred shotgun.

In fact, he thinks so lowly of it that he decided to make a joke out of it, ranking it below the pickaxe in terms of weapon potential. 

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