Where to find Tie Fighter crash sites in Fortnite X Star Wars

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Remnants of the spectacular Star Wars event are sticking around in Fortnite. So, if you’re trying to complete the raise your banner challenge, here’s where you can find the crashed TIE Fighters.

The live Star Wars event literally broke Fortnite on December 14, with players being unable to log-in and the start time being pushed back ten minutes to try and get them in. When it did start, however, it may have been the best Fortnite event yet – complete with the Millenium Falcon, a live conversation, and lightsabres.

If that wasn’t enough for Star Wars fans, there were also leaked skins for Kylo Ren and Zorii Bliss, as well as challenges – with the most difficult being the raise your banner at crashed TIE Fighters locations. Don’t fret, however, we’ve got you covered on that.

Epic Games
A number of Star Wars-themed skins have made it into Fortnite.

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The crashed TIE Fighters come from the live event, as they chased the Millenium Falcon around the map before either being shot down or crashing of their own violation. 

As a result, there are five crash locations spread across the map – including spots at Slurpy Swamp, between Sandy Shores and Holly Hodges, Salty Springs, Steamy Stacks, and Retail Row. 

Anyone looking to the sky will see the smoke plumes that give their location away but if you’re not doing that for fear of being eliminated by an enemy, don’t worry, we have the exact locations for you with our own map – just head to the middle of the red X’s.

Epic Games
The middle part of the X’s represent the actual TIE Fighter crash sites.

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Once you reach one of these locations, you will see an actual crashed TIE Fighter – as well as some First Order Stormtroopers keeping guard. The dastardly Empire foot soldiers will fire upon you with their blasters, so it’s best to have some loot before taking them on.

After you’ve taken them down, however, you will have free reign over the crash site and will be able to raise your banner. Simply walk over to the banner, interact with it, and wait for your emblem to take its place.

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As you’ve taken down the Stormtroopers in the process of capturing the site, you will also find the First Order Blaster rifle on the floor. This can be used as a weapon, but keeping with the movies, it’s not wholly accurate.

With the Star Wars challenges coming in stages, you will have to repeat the task a few times if you want to complete the whole pack of missions, so be prepared to stomp all over the Empire.

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