Where to find surveillance footage cameras at Bungalow Blooms in Fortnite

Daniel Megarry
A surveillance footage camera in Fortnite

Wondering where to find surveillance footage from cameras at Bungalow Blooms in Fortnite? We’ve got their locations to help you complete this tricky quest in no time.

After weeks of waiting, Part 7 of the Fortnite Vibin’ Questline is finally here. This set of challenges tasks you with finding members of The Seven to gain intel on the mysterious events happening across the Island, but they all seem to be missing.

While most of the quests in Part 7 are pretty simple, one that you might be struggling with is finding surveillance footage from cameras are Bungalow Blooms – so we’ve got all of their locations to help you out right here.

These are the cameras you’re looking for.

Where is Bungalow Blooms in Fortnite?

Bungalow Blooms isn’t a named location on the Fortnite map, but you can find it at the northeastern point of Condo Canyon.

If you look at the map, you’ll notice that a purple Reality Tree covers part of Condo Canyon. This is exactly what you’re looking for.

Where to find surveillance footage cameras at Bungalow Blooms in Fortnite

There are multiple surveillance footage cameras located around the edges of Bungalow Blooms. You can spot them because they’re placed on tripods and they’ll also be glowing with a white aura.

We’ve marked some camera locations on the map below to help you out:

These are the camera locations at Bungalow Blooms.

You need to find three to complete this quest and the easiest way to get them is to circle the Bungalow Blooms building until you find all of them. You can take the surveillance footage by interacting with them.

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