How to complete Fortnite Dragon Ball Quests & unlock free Shenron Glider

The free Shenron Glider from the Dragon Ball quests in FortniteEpic Games

Dragon Ball Quests have arrived in Fortnite as part of the huge anime crossover, so here are all of the challenges and rewards you can unlock along the way including the Shenron Glider.

Fortnite’s collaboration with Dragon Ball is one of the biggest events the battle royale has ever seen. It’s not just skins of Goku and friends; there are also map changes, a Kamehameha Mythic, and new quests to complete.

These challenges are called Dragon Ball Quests and you can find them in the Power Unleashed tab in the lobby. Each quest you complete will increase your Power Level to unlock Dragon Balls and free in-game cosmetics!

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Below, you’ll find details of all the Dragon Ball Quests available in Fortnite as well as the free rewards you can unlock for completing them – including that epic Shenron Glider.

A screenshot of the Dragon Ball Quests in FortniteEpic Games

All Dragon Ball Quests in Fortnite

Here are all of the Dragon Ball Quests and the rewards they give out in Fortnite:


  • Complete Warmup Quests (3) – Dragon Ball
  • Open Capsule Corp Capsules (2) – 4M
  • Visit a familiar training location (1) – 3M
  • Purchase an item from a Dragon Ball Vending Machine (1) – 2M
  • Destroy objects with a Kamehameha (100) – 5M
  • Travel distance riding a Nimbus Cloud (1500) – 5M
  • Watch Dragon Ball Super in Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival (1) – 2M

Sparring Practice

  • Complete Sparring Practice Quests (3) – Dragon Ball
  • Join a Versus Battle in different matches (2) – 2M
  • Damage an enemy player before taking damage in different matches (2) – 3M
  • Damage enemy players with the Kamehameha (300) – 4M
  • Win a Verus Battle (1) – 5M

Strength Training

  • Complete Strength Training Quests (3) – Dragon Ball
  • Push Giant Boulders or Timber Pine logs (500) – 3M
  • Destroy 10 objects with a single Kamehameha attack (1) – 5M
  • Use the Kamehameha to destroy a small car (1) – 3M
  • Damage opponents within a single match (300) – 2M

Agility Training

  • Complete Agility Training Quests (3) – Dragon Ball
  • Complete the mushroom obstacle course (1) – 4M
  • Complete the desert time trial (1) – 4M
  • Deal damage to opponents while sliding (200) – 2M
  • Deal damage to opponents within 5 seconds after sprinting (200) – 2M

Endurance Training

  • Complete Endurance Training Quests (3) – Dragon Ball
  • Survive Storm Phases (10) – 2M
  • Gain 150 shields in different matches (3) – 2M
  • Land at Logjam Lotus then climb to the highest point in Shifty Shafts (1) – 3M
  • Collect Capsules in Dragon Ball Adventure (100) – 3M
  • Eat a vegetable and a fruit (2) – 3M
  • Travel distance while sprinting (200) – 3M

Focus Training

  • Complete Focus Training Quests (3) – Dragon Ball
  • Hit headshots while aiming down sights (20) – 2M
  • Damage a player from 75 or more meters with scoped weapons (200) – 3M
  • Collect a Rare or better item from the ground within 3 seconds of landing from the Battle Bus (3) – 3M
  • Damage a player with the Kamehameha before landing from the Nimbus Cloud (1) – 4M
  • Travel distance in a vehicle on asphalt (750) – 4M
  • Swing from 5 different trees without landing with the Grapple Glove (1) – 4M


  • Complete Recovery Training Quests (3) – Dragon Ball
  • Regain health while resting in a tent (50) – 2M
  • Get toasty by a campfire and regain health (50) – 3M
  • Go fishing at Leafy Reef, Mighty Monument, and Loot Landing (3) – 4M
  • Restore health by eating fish or meat during or after a Versus Battle (200) – 4M
  • Use a Fishing Rod to ride a Loot Shark (1) – 4M
Kame House in Fortnite update 21.40Epic Games

All free Dragon Ball rewards in Fortnite

Here are all of the free Dragon Ball rewards in Fortnite and details of how to unlock them:

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RewardHow to unlock
Smiling Goku emoticonReach 10 Million Power Level
Battle Royale Level UpReach 20 Million Power Level
Fusion! SprayReach 30 Million Power Level
Dragon Radar Back BlingReach 40 Million Power Level
Battle Royale Level UpReach 50 Million Power Level
Bulma’s Wink EmoticonReach 60 Million Power Level
Battle Royale Level UpReach 70 Million Power Level
Boosting Ki EmoteReach 80 Million Power Level
Battle Royale Level UpReach 90 Million Power Level
Super Saiyan Blue Goku SprayReach 100 Million Power Level
Battle Royale Level UpReach 110 Million Power Level
Charging Up EmoteReach 120 Million Power Level
Shenron GliderCollect all seven Dragon Balls

How to get the free Dragon Ball Shenron Glider in Fortnite

You can unlock the Shenron Glider by completing every single Dragon Ball Quest in Fortnite, which will reward you with all seven Dragon Balls just like in the original manga and anime series.

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This will probably take you quite a bit of time, but these quests will be available until August 30, 2022, at 1AM PT / 4AM ET / 9AM BST which means you’ve got two weeks to unlock all of the rewards.

You can also purchase individual Dragon Ball rewards for 150 V-Bucks each, although it’s definitely possible to unlock them all for free by working your way through all of the Dragon Ball Quests.

That’s everything you need to know about the Dragon Ball Quests! Check out some more Fortnite guides below:

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