Fortnite players baffled over what is hiding beneath Chapter 5’s melting glacier

Josh Taylor
Fortnite melting glacier located south of the Grand Glacier POI.

Fortnite players have been left perplexed over the melting glacier on Chapter 5’s map that has been slowly disappearing with every mid-season update.

Fortnite’s map and its changes have always been a hot topic for players, ever since Chapter 1’s first island featured in the Battle Royale.

From the biggest of alterations, such as a whole new map launching with every Chapter, or just various small updates and tweaks to certain areas, there’s always been something to talk about.

One subtle change that has been captivating the community however is the steady melting of the snow and glacier with each Chapter 5 Season 1 mid-season update.

Fortnite players clueless over melting glacier on Chapter 5 island

The large glacier and its sweeping slope of ice first appeared at the start of Chapter 5 as part of the brand-new island.

It is located next to the Grand Glacier POI, just south of the hotel. Ever since the ice and surrounding snow started melting after the first update, players have been increasingly suspicious.

When a Fortnite player therefore asked: “What do you think will be under the melting glacier?” It quickly started a widespread discussion and has left many baffled over what it could be.

The top comment poked fun at the developers and suggested that it was “Retail row making its 53rd comeback.” Other players chimed in to suggest many other classic POI and fan-favorite locations, such as Greasy Grove, Tilted Towers, and even Coral Cove.

However, various players suggested the idea that it’s related to next season, particularly regarding the main rumor that it will be a Greek theme.

One player stated: “I’m hoping that, since a Greek mythology-inspired season seems to be heavily implied, it could be some sort of iced-over Greek temple as a little foreshadowing, maybe.” While others gave suggestions of “Atlantis” and “Mount Olympus.”

Aside from locations, monsters like Trog and the Polar Peak Monster, as well as the weapons Infinity Blade and Kinetic Blade were also submitted for potential items hidden in the glacier.

Despite nobody knowing what actually is hidden beneath the glacier or next season’s theme for certain, the snow looks to be on pace to be fully melted by the end of the season on March 8, 2024. We’ll be on the lookout to update you of any findings along the way, but we may have to wait till Chapter 5 Season 2 finally begins for a full reveal.